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  • What do y'all think of this nail color? Seems too coral for something for this pink girl. But honestly I'm was mostly in it for the shoulder massage at the end :) # I get asked a lot about toxicity, chemicals, etc in beauty products. My nail place has non-toxic polish but the salon is still full of fumes from all the other stuff, polish remover, regular polish, acrylic nail stuff, etc. # Many women aren't ready to forgo all beauty stuff they love for their health, but we can often at least "do better". I try to sit by the door so I get a bit more fresh air. I only go once a month and I also take extra nutrients those days like n acetyl cysteine and some B vits. Often a quick concoction of liver support as well. # Instead of doing everything, don't do nothing, at least do something :)

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  • As if our bed wasn't crowded enough. Lately when Gigi comes in in the middle of the night it's with at least three, more often six, of her babies.

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  • I've been feeling so utterly exhausted lately and I've been blaming my usual lack of sleep with two little ones - which I admit, isn't helping. And I've got a touch of a virus Lola had last week, but I got so used to feeling yucky lately that I forgot some big basics: a few supplements and um, good food. Duh. I've been rushing around and grabbing this or that without paying enough attention to adequate veggies and protein. Part of the problem is this snowy, terrible weather and our groceries are a bit sprarce so I didn't have some of my best options, the #foodthatworksforme So instead of doing BETTER when I couldn't do my best, I just kinda gave up. I noticed yesterday after I told my husband that I better get some blood work done as I felt like something terrible was going on, that the best I felt was after the first real meal I'd had that five PM. Yes this sorta basic self care fail happens to even me. Reminder to all of us that often we often know so much of what we need to do to feel better but for one reason or not we aren't making it happen. I wanted to beat myself up over this but instead opted to do BETTER today. #graceoverguilt Starting with breakfast of eggs wrapped in lettuce and a few of Gigi's chicken sausages. And water, more water. Why is THAT so hard for me?? 😲 Eggs aren't my very best option but paired with some veggies and a little boost of chicken sausage it's better, even if not perfect.

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  • My little dare devil. Be sure sound is on :)

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