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  • Whenever I'm at a seminar and come home with a name tag, Lola insists on wearing it. She also wears my student intern badge from school. It's in her dress up bin. I adore her :)

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  • In a seminar today talking about the disruption to our metabolism due to environmental endocrine disrupters. Plastics in particular are just plain everywhere in our world and they can affect metabolism via several mechanisms. Not only are these chemicals stored in body fat (which can create problems as we start to burn more fat), our fat cells have unique response to these hormone trouble makers causing wide spread effects including changes to metabolic set points, increased inflammation, DNA damage and a host of hormone related symptoms. # @environmentaltoxinsnerd I'm thinking of you and laughed a bit about the My Little Pony up there in the right corner as a plastic exposure. Turns out My Little Pony is part of our environment :) # If you missed it, check out our podcast with Lara where we broaden our definition of "environmental toxins" to really mean everything that is not "us".

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  • These women. # Last weekend at our #bettereverydayreteat I got to meet some of them for the first time and felt an instant sense of sisterhood, friendship and community. They are all incredible. Spending a few days with them all shone a bright light in an area I need to give some love and that's my friendships. # I get so caught up in work and mommy-ing and Joe's crazy schedule that my personal relationships always take aback seat. Great reminder to prioritize relationships because that stuff matters # Our personal relationships are so important to important to our health and hormones. They are life right? # Love you ladies and have a blast celebrating @sarah_fragoso 's big 4-0!!

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  • Gluten free pizza, blackberry pannacotta for Lola and steak/salad/rose for mama plus several games of hangman with a kindergartener who is still learning to spell. All in all a great time was had.

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