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  • My Lola: is this a turkey femur or tibia? 🦃 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  • The last six months have been a whirlwind. I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy personally or professionally. I’ve had plenty of amazing, joyful moments but I’ve also had quite a lot of times that were full of fear, frustration, overwhelm, confusion and sadness. I’ve had the ups and downs because: life. ::: I used to think I’d get it all together, figure it out, master it, control it and then: bam! Life would be amazing from there on out. This could’ve been about losing weight, making money, getting the right gig, finding the right relationship, resolving a health issue, any number of hurdles that felt like if I can just get that, that amazing thing I want so much then it’s gonna be great. I will be so happy. I will feel safe, complete and like I can relax. I will have “made it”. Haha, whatever that means! ::: Inevitably, I’d get that thing and feel on top of the world. Then after some time had passed something would happen that would remind me, that it wasn’t – I wasn’t - so perfect after all. That maybe I had more work to do or maybe something new would pop up that I️ needed to address. For example, lately I’ve been feeling a flow and satisfaction with my work that I’ve been chasing for years. Earlier this week I felt a huge frustration and I felt completely misunderstood. I felt like I had been shining, burning bright and someone threw a wet blanket on me. ::: That’s the thing about shining, when your light gets put out by someone else OR you mess it up, you freak out, you get tired, you get scared and somehow dim it yourself you have to light that fire again. While I used to think when we FINALLY start to burn bright we just kept shining on. I know now that it’s a series of burning out and relighting the fire. Shining as your best you is the only way to live. I so believe that even though it is hard sometimes. But know that even after you get that flame lit it’s gonna get stamped out at times. It’s not game over, you’re just gonna have to relight that baby. Time and time again. Please bring extra matches cuz the world needs the best, shiny you.

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  • And her little dog too.

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