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  • All the feels right? ::: Yesterday I was "in a mood" as they say. Cranky, irritable, tired, overwhelmed, all the worst stuff. Today thankfully, I'm thousand percent better. ::: We have to be careful to not define ourselves by our current set of emotions or circumstances - none of it is permanent. If I define myself by yesterday mood, well then I'm just a cranky b*tch. If I define myself by today's mood I'm awesome :) ::: Trusting that emotions are not defining but rather temporary allows you not to get too hung up when you're feeling like garbage and allows you to be more grateful and present when you're awesome. ::: This is the tool I used yesterday to not totally spin out (as I've been known to do) about everything being terrible and how will I recover if I'm not bringing my A game to every single moment? That alone lessens the overwhelm. And trusting that a bad mood or a particular set of crappy circumstances is temporary and not defining ourselves by it let's us have grace over guilt when we are having a tough day. It also helps us see more options and possibilities to do and be BETTER. ::: And PS Lola looks just like @comedianjoelarson in the mad pic - which is funny cuz he is rarely ever mad, looks just like me in the smiley pic and just like herself in the goofy pic πŸ˜‹. πŸ“·@kate_mathis

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  • I talk to women everyday that don't want to lift or even go to the gym because they feel intimidated or insecure there. I get it. ::: There will always be someone at the gym who is leaner or skinnier or stronger or better or faster or whatever thing we feel we are coming up short on. But here are just a few reasons we we can't give a sh*t about that - ::: First, no one really cares. Believe me most people are feeling just as insecure (unfortunately) and worried more about how they look, how they are doing, etc. than they are worried about you. And even if they do care it will only last a few minutes before they are on to the next thing. ::: The comparison is facing the wrong direction. Instead of comparing ourselves to other people in the gym, turn it back to you: how much BETTER are you doing than you did yesterday or last month or last year? ::: And even if everyone is staring or judging think about this: what if you were about to get hit by a bus and someone was sitting there all judgey judgey about how you jumped out of the way. You'd do it anyway right? You wouldn't care one bit about what they thought, you'd just get the job done. I truly believe lifting weights and exercise is that life saving. We all love to look good today but we will also NEED to be able to get up out of a chair, climb up off the floor and get around every day in the future. So we can't sacrifice our future health and capability because we worry about what others will think of where we are at. ::: In this video I'm sure a hundred fit pros could critique some aspect of my form. This was a lot of weight for me post baby but not nearly as much as most of my fit pro friends can squat. This time in my life is tricky - I haven't always been the leanest girl in the gym but I was usually the strongest. Right now I'm neither. ::: Perfect time to feel insecure huh? I could if I compare but it's healthier and more proactive and less miserable if I just keep my eyes on my own paper and see how far I've come on my own journey after two kids and a few big injuries. ::: It's not always easy to keep the focus on ourselves but if we don't we can't get BETTER. So get out there and be brave :)

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  • Prep for a better week doesn't have to mean an all day Sunday cook-a-thon. But what can you today to make it easier to do better this week? ::: Get to bed early? Cook some extra protein? Cut up some fresh veg? Get in a workout? Get to bed earlier? Organize some supplements? Meditate longer? Spend extra time with your family? Go for a #mantrawalk? ::: Being healthy shouldn't take over your life, but sometimes a little extra effort today saves you a ton of sanity in the upcoming week. ::: I call it #optimismlight - expecting you'll totally rock it this week, but planning for a little trouble. Just in case :) After all it's what your best friend would do for you right??

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  • I rarely have the same bag with me. Sometimes it's a purse, sometimes computer bag, sometimes it's the diaper bag but no matter which one I grab, even if I haven't used it in a year, somewhere in some pocket or nook I will ALWAYS have lipgloss. It really is one of my more dependable qualities πŸ’„πŸ’‹

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