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  • They sound simple enough right? But when it comes to living them day to say when a million other things are tying to snag your attention, not so easy. ::: These five simple notions are what @sarah_fragoso and I have found to be the foundation for all your healthy behaviors, your health and your happiness. Yet we know first hand both personally and professionally how damn hard it can be to live them - even on a good day! ::: We will share our latest evolution of the tools to master these five pillars that we have found help you live life as your best self and with the least amount of stress. Stress is inevitable in life so we have to learn the most effective tools to manage it. ::: Still time to register and join us for this week’s FREE webinar series on women and stress. See you there tonight 8PM EST! Link to sign up @betterbydrbrooke

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  • And sometimes I feel guilty about it. There. I said it. ::: It’s not that I don’t see the benefit, I just hate the taste and texture and would rather eat several salads every day. But people are always shocked when I tell them I don’t drink them let alone don’t like them 🤢 They say, “But you’re so healthy!” Or “I figured you’d be all about this considering what you do for work.” Truth is we don’t have to partake in every single health behavior or suggestions that’s out there - and we don’t have to feel guilty when we opt out. ::: What we need to do is focus on the things that work for us, the things that move the needle for us towards the best version of ourselves and our current goals. Health and wellness lately almost seem like a competition and if we don’t do “all the things” then we are slacking, lazy or otherwise should feel guilty. ::: Getting healthy and focusing on wellness should not create more stress, yet for so many of us it does. And it definitely shouldn’t spur guilt. We know guilt never helps but most importantly know that you are under no obligation to enjoy or practice every single wellness tip out there. Opting out of stuff you hate - especially when there’s a viable alternative like salad 🥗 and skipping the #wellnessguilt will help you make being healthy less stressful. ::: This idea of helping you make healthy less stressful is the topic of the third webinar in our FREE three part series. @sarah_fragoso and I can’t wait to share it all with you so get registered! Webinars are next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Link in profile @betterbydrbrooke

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  • A day does not go by that I don’t get asked this question. ::: If your found a list of symptoms for low or high cortisol online or have taken a quiz like mine (free at you may have noticed you fall into both categories. How is that possible? 🤷‍♀️ ::: While most think of cortisol issues as you’re super stressed out and thus crazy high cortisol OR you’re burnt all out and have low cortisol. In reality though many, many women are not always on high or totally in what’s commonly called “adrenal fatigue. Instead they have a dyaregulated output of cortisol that’s high some times in the day and low at others. This creates this mixed picture of symptoms and a lot of confusion. ::: The problem then becomes what the heck do you do? Follow advice for high or low cortisol? If you’ve had testing done your can really work with natural therapies at the targeted times to restore a better balance. You can also use adaptogens like ashwaganda because they work to restore cortisol timing whether it’s high or low. As for other advice like how often to eat or how to exercise, my advice is to heed the low cortisol suggestions first as that’s the more delicate issue. Meaning you may need four meals a day (maybe even five) and a very low carb diet may be tough for you. Finally, strength train with big lifts and not too much metabolic work to keep muscle mass up but not overly stress yourself and walk :) There’s a reason @sarah_fragoso and I call walking the hormone happy maker. ::: More on all of this, how stress affects your female hormones and how to make health and wellness less stressful in our FREE three part webinar series next week! Get registered with the link above @betterbydrbrooke

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  • We’ve done you all a disservice in natural medicine as for years we’ve talked about stress causing you “adrenal fatigue”. This gives us the idea that that our adrenal glands are tired and can’t make enough hormones. Other than a rare autoimmune issue, this isn’t the case. What the unrelenting stress we put ourselves through does is impact our brain. Scary right? ::: What happens is the constant demand to be on, to get it all done, to exercise intensely, to skimp on nutrition, to neglect rest and recovery discorrdinates the signals from our brains to our adrenals. Literally we scramble the hormone cues from the brain to the adrenals to release this much cortisol at this specific time. And the more we don’t support our brain and the more we neglect the need to manage our stress the more messed up this timing and release gets. ::: While some argue that adrenal fatigue isn’t real, getting caught up in that argument doesn’t help us help women feel better. Cortisol dysregulation is a better name for this issue than adrenal fatigue but not as catchy right? How about hypothalamic adrenal axis dysregulation ? Accurate but clumsy to say huh? Whatever we call it, the real problem is that the laundry list of symptoms from poor digestion to brain fog to depression to weight gain to aches/pains/puffiness to PMS to fatigue that women reel from when they are under stress. ::: Who knows this lady: reliant on caffeine to get going but, tired all day but can’t get to sleep at night, PMS getting out of control, weight gain (possibly new around the middle), skin issues, bloating, hangry and b*tchy? Call it what we want, that’s real and that’s our hormones telling us they hate all this stress. ::: But this is not our fate ladies. Join @sarah_fragoso and myself for a FREE live webinar series on stress, hormones and how we can all do better! Link in profile to register @betterbydrbrooke

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