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Better Everyday # 53 Chicory, Quinoa, CRP, Thyroid Lab Values, Stress, Fertility and Taking DHEA

We answered just three questions in this episode but they were seriously super-sized and jam packed with details! We talked about chicory, quinoa and CRP (what to do if it’s elevated) and sussed out the differences between functional and conventional thyroid lab ranges so you can know if you’re really low or normal thyroid. Discussed HPA axis dysregulation and the impact cortisol problems and stress have on fertility and covered several aspects of estrogen dominance including whether or not supplements to help with estrogen metabolism can lower estrogen too much. Finally, a favorite topic of Dr Brooke’s: the downside to long term DHEA supplementation. And finally within the DHEA question we covered several causes of swelling in hands and feet. These were great questions ladies, keep them coming!  

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From Dr Brooke

What jumped out to me on this episode was getting to the root cause. Whether we’re talking about a low thyroid, elevated CRP and thus smoldering inflammation or long term DHEA supplementation as an answer for adrenal fatigue, we have to always ask WHY? Then we must deal with the why and not just take turmeric for inflammation or give DHEA for adrenal issues without figuring out what’s beneath the issue. Sometimes long term supplementation or natural medicine treatments are necessary but if we miss the root cause we are in my opinion missing the whole point, which is you actually healing and getting BETTER.  Whether you’re going it alone or working with a natural practitioner, be sure to get to your why.