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Better Everyday #85 Healthy Protein Delivered To Your Door by Butcher Box

Holy guacamole do we get into it in this meaty episode! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

In this episode we are joined by co-founded of Butcher Box, Mike Salguero who gave us the inside scoop on the meat we eat. Not only did we cover up confusion around what grassfed even means for beef these days but also got clarification on other common marketing descriptors like free range, pasture raised and heritage breed.

We hear Mike’s story on why he started Butcher Box, a company we love that makes healthier proteins accessible to all by delivering these quality products right to your door. Tune in and learn what labels to look for when buying chicken (it’s more than free range!), how pastured raised animals are helping the planet and why pork got deemed “the other white meat” in the first place.

AND as a gift to our listeners you can get started with Butcher Box right now and get $15 off your first order AND free bacon! While you’re at it visit Dry Farm Wines and have some organic, low sugar, hang-over free wine sent over as well (and get a bottle for a penny with this link).

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