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Category: Gratitude: 25 Days of Loving Your Body

But What If I WANT To Be Superwoman?

I am tired of people telling me not to be Superwoman.  When working mamas or any busy lady is trying to kick some booty in the gym, keep her nutrition clean and take care of herself and everyone around her, the response is always: “You know you don’t have to be Superwoman.” I think women […]

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Day 25 – I Am Grateful That I Did This

Here we are, Day 25. Just what did I learn from all this? This project started on a whim. I woke up October 31st and said “I have an idea.” I am so grateful that I didn’t have much time to think about how honest I would need to be to do this well, because […]

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Day 23 – I Am Grateful For Killing The Little Green Monster

It’s shameful to admit, but when you’re feeling down about your own physique it’s easy to be nasty about someone that looks great. Has the Green Meanie acted up inside you after any of the following: Envying Ms. Buns of Steel on the stairmaster in front of you. Nearly toppling over mid-lunge when you catch […]

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Day 22 – I’m Grateful For Learning To Chill The #$@% Out

So… 21 I made my resolution to my new goal public by putting it on my blog. How did today go? I actually had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in awhile, so that was good. First item on the new plan: fasting walking or fasting yoga. We decided Vinyasa yoga would be the best […]

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Day 21 – I Am Grateful To Be Fired Up (& Mixed Up)

I am not sure what shifted, but I feel ready to make that final push towards my fat loss goal. I’ve been holding steady for months, but didn’t feel ready to commit 100% again to losing. Maybe it was the catharsis this project has brought me, but when I went to bed last night I […]

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Day 20 – I Am Grateful To Be Grounded (The Good Kind)

Today has probably been the toughest time I’ve had deciding what to write about.  When I look back at the past 19 days the posts have been really trending positive. Today I didn’t feel so positive. Last night I had to do some dreaded photos of me at the gym (needed at least one shot […]

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Day 19 – I Am Grateful I’ve Stopped Living Until

For nearly as long as I can remember, I’ve thought “when my body looks like blah blah blah I’ll be so happy!” Then I’ll buy those jeans, that bikini, go on that trip, talk to that person, apply for that job, step out and do that thing that scares me. Until then though…. When we’re living […]

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Day 18 – I Am Grateful For Feeling A Little More Comfy Here

While I’m hardly my usual self at the gym, I am able to do more and more each week now that I finally slowed up, doing a little rehab and learned to listen to my body.  I don’t keep pushing through the hip pain when my hamstring tells me enough is enough – seriously can’t […]

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Day 17 – I Am Grateful To Be A Happy Camper

If you’re reading this blog, you most likely aren’t in the camp that needs to be told ketchup is not a vegetable. You already know a grass fed burger is not the same as a Big Mac. But apparently, some who’ve stumbled upon this blog by accident, are from the camp of “if you aren’t […]

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Day 16 – I Am Grateful I’ve Gotten Over Myself

I’ve been working in fitness and weight loss for years now, but at times I’ve wondered if it’s where I belonged. I knew I had the smarts, but I never felt I had the body. This 25 days of being grateful project wasn’t an easy one to commit to – honestly, being this open and […]

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