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Category: Lean Eating & Loving It Experiment

Whew! I Am Glad That’s Over….Not Really :)

So my 30 days of no sugar, no grains, no dairy, no booze has come to an end.  I figured I’d be saying, “hallelujah!”. Truth is though, that I haven’t felt this good in years! I’m leaner. I am at peace with myself. Doing this I didn’t feel deprived or sad – shocking for life […]

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Surviving A SuperBowl Party As The Girl Who Eats Weird

My awesome neighbors always do a great job of cooking gluten free for me and Joe whenever they have use over – which is downright awesome. But when it comes to dieting or the little scheme I’m up to now…well, they may not totally get it. Sometimes I feel like I live a double life where I oscillate […]

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Best Craving Buster Ever

Hello February! Wow, it seems 2013 is just whizzing by. I am entering week 3 already of my Lean Eating & Loving It Experiment where I kept my diet clear of sugar, booze, grains, dairy and of course, all gluten, for 4 weeks. All the while choosing to feel good about it not feel what […]

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Dr Brooke: A Walking, Talking Contradiction?

Well I’m one week into my living lean and loving it plan and I feel fantastic! Emotionally, anyway. Physically, my neck is still a mess (although not in my stylin’ foam collar anymore, so that’s progress). But for the first time in maybe forever, I ate exactly what I needed to eat to have my […]

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Miracle On 38th Birthday

Wanna spend your birthday in a neck brace, excruciating pain, muscles spasming too badly to pick up your baby? A former version of myself would’ve said, “Ugh, that sounds dreadful!” But it wasn’t so bad. There I was, in bed most of the day stacked on pillows because it was too painful to hold my […]

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