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4 Reasons Why You Didn’t Lose Weight Going Paleo

At first, it just felt like the right choice, it even worked wonders for your friend. But now that you've been doing the Paleo thing for a while you don't get the results you were promised, why?. In this post find out about 4 things you need to consider and what you can do about it.

I’ll admit it, I’m a fan. I’ve been drinking the Paleo Kool-Aid since before it was cool. I read Dr Loren Cordain’s research more than 15 years ago and was amazed at what the diet did for my PCOS. Thanks to Mr Robb Wolf, “paleo” is not only a buzzword and a highly searched Instagram hashtag […]

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The Dreaded “Puff”: Most Common Causes of Water Retention

Uh-Oh! There it is..again, puffiness and bloating. In your face, your belly, hands, thighs, the worst.
The first step to healing is knowledge, in this post you will learn some of the most common causes it presents in your body and find a convenient list of what you can do about it.

When I first moved to New York I was the most unhealthy version of myself. Moving here was in some ways the worst thing I could do for my tenacious personality because it truly is the city that never sleeps. There is a buzz that is palpable 24/7 – and living on a busy corner […]

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The F Word

Brace yourself, today’s blog will have some F bombs. But not the ones you think. That word actually seems to be more tolerated that the one I’m dropping today. Fat. Recently I pitched an article to a major blog that talked about my Fattitude program. I’ve contributed to them before and I know they love […]

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Baby-Weight: Sane, Practical & Kind Advice For New Moms

With my recent posts on baby weight, post baby body, breastfeeding and fat loss, it was serendipity that a few of us got into a Facebook discussion earlier this week on getting in shape after baby. The general theme of advice for a new mom was this: Don’t make yourself nuts, be kind as you […]

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Resolving to Lose Weight in 2013? Change Your Mindset From Diet To Live-It!

We earnestly embark on a new diet and exercise plan for the New Year, not realizing we’ve already set ourselves up for failure. We might as well make the 2014 resolution today while we’re at it, because chances are we’ve chosen a strict, overwhelming, time consuming plan. We intend to stick on it until we […]

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Should We All Be Gluten Free? (But It’s So Hard!!)

Yesterday I explained how Celiac is just the beginning of the gluten conversation, hardly the end. I also discussed how our conventional model of testing is barely skimming the surface of those of us with gluten issues as it’s catching only 1 in 8 people reacting to gluten. (More on better testing at But […]

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The 9 Ways You Could Be Reacting To Gluten – None of Which Have Anything To Do With Celiac

With many a Hollywood starlet going gluten free as of late, including the stir caused by Miss Miley Cyrus’s gluten free fueled weight loss, this little grain based protein is grabbing everyone’s attention. Seems right now everyone from Paleo to Vegan is talking about gluten. This “gluten free craze”, as its being called, is not […]

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Top Tips From Top Trainers – Make 2011 Your Fittest Year Ever!

Fitness professionals can make it look all too easy to be in great shape. What I can attest to with this group though,  is that they all walk the walk. They work out hard, eat well and consistently make good choices when it comes to staying active, taking care of themselves and continuing to be […]

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The Only New Years Resolution You Should Keep

It’s that time of year where we swear off sugar, vow to be a regular at the gym and announce to friends and family our grand plans to get into tip top shape. It’s that time of year we are right back where we started last January. Very few of us are setting a get […]

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The Coffee Conundrum – Does Coffee Help You Burn Fat?

Keep your morning cup of coffee – it’s loaded with antioxidants and you’ll lose more weight when hopped up on caffeine. No wait – all that caffeine might cause diabetes and is bad for weight loss. What should you do? Opinions on both sides are strong – strong like a piping hot cup of French […]

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