Are you ready to take take control of your PCOS?

I have PCOS and I was utterly disempowered with my options: the pill, metformin, a lifetime of dieting and fears about fertility and my health.

Women with PCOS deserve better!

Join me for an incredible 4 week journey of demystification and empowerment with Empowered PCOS. The program starts now!

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PCOS is a condition that is so misunderstood from doctors to personal trainers to women suffering with it to women who are still wondering if they have it. That changes today.

I understand how you are feeling and as a doctor, I’ve committed my life to helping other women take their life back from a PCOS diagnosis.

The next best thing to working with me one on one is my signature Empowered PCOS program. This is the first program like this that I’ve ever done and it’s straight from my heart.

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Understand this condition from the top down, inside and out and from the root causes to the pesky symptoms.

Learn how your diet, exercise and lifestyle will impact this condition rife with hormonal disruptions ranging from progesterone to cortisol to thyroid to prolactin to testosterone and insulin.

Get to the root causes and treat those first making not only your health but your PCOS related symptoms of stubborn weight loss, breakouts, hair growth, hair loss and faulty ovulation.

Topics included in the Empowered PCOS Program:

  • Inflammation (this webinar is free!)
  • How to improve hormone metabolism in PCOS including gut healing diet and protocol
  • Improve insulin resistance + balance androgens in PCOS to minimize symptoms, decrease risk, better energy and easier fat loss
  • How to balance the other hormones that impact your PCOS including estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, thyroid, prolactin, etc.
  • PCOS specific fat loss + fertility

In this program you will get:

  • 4 webinars delivered live with Q&A with me, recording will be available if you can’t make it live
  • Private Facebook group for the duration of the live program with me to answer your questions about the plan
  • Bonus email content to help you make the most of this program
  • Complete PCOS diet and exercise program
  • Supplement protocols I use in my office for PCOS gut health, liver support, blood sugar balance, improved ovulation and estrogen:progesterone balance and fat loss
  • BONUS: you’ll get my Guide To Exercising For Your Hormones totally FREE ($37 value)

Like I said, this program is straight from my heart because I know how difficult this condition can be whether you want clear skin, a baby, more energy, less cardiovascular disease risk or to lose a few pounds.

You deserve the power to transform this condition and feel, look and be BETTER.

So you’ve got PCOS but….

Are you also stressed? Stealing resources to make cortisol over progesterone?

Are you also inflamed and perhaps not able to utilize cholesterol resources to make enough hormones? If you have PCOS you have constant, at least low level inflammation all the time easily made worse by diet and lifestyle.

What kind of progesterone deficiency do you have?

Next to insulin, progesterone is the most common hormone associated with PCOS.

Progesterone is an important female hormone that is very calming to our nervous system and it is a perfect counterbalance to estrogen’s proliferate nature.  Because of this counter to estrogen it is protective to both our breasts and uteruses. It’s kinda a big deal and we definitely suffer when we’re don’t have enough.

So what’s the truth about inositol? What’s safe and which form is best to take if you have PCOS?

Let’s go back to what popularized the DCI form and why Ovasitol is formulated the way it is which is a 40:1 ratio of d-chiral inositol (DCI) to myo-inositol (MI):

In the study that spurred the formulation of the product, the 40:1 ratio for Myo-inositol: D-Chiro-Inositol was stated to be the “physiological ratio ” in healthy people in one study but they do not give a reference for a study to have proven that. They simply state “(data not shown)”.  Basically this means that we don’t even know for sure how valid the 40:1 statement is to begin with, but there are a couple other bigger issues as well.

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What do real women have to say about Empowered PCOS?


“I have learned so much from Dr. Brooke and the PCOS Empower program! The information has really given me more of an understanding of how the hormones all work together and affect each other. In the past I have been discouraged that there was not a lot I could do for my PCOS, but this has helped give me specific steps I can take to support my hormones, as well as encouraging me that I am not alone. I have been looking for something like this for a long time! Thank you so much for putting this program together Dr. Brooke!”

– Morgan


“I want to give you a huge hug (virtually of course;) ) for creating the Empowered PCOS program! It was seriously amazing. I know you have put in so many hours creating the content, plus delivering it, and answering questions, etc. I know you’re so busy and I just wanted to tell you that it was just so awesome. I am digging all of the science behind everything and feel like I want to re-watch the webinars again to get every bit of info! I am really enjoying it and just wanted to say thank you. 

During this program, I thought, geez conventional medicine has missed so much for me and my health. With the format of this program I learned SO much from you- even more than on my own or in our 1:1 sessions. Even though I’m working with you directly I got so much from this program and already signed up for the Better Everyday Inner Circle with you and Sarah! I Bravo! I know how much you put into it and it was recognized and appreciated!!!”

– Kelly


“I am so sad that this is the last week of the program, but I’m so thankful that I signed up! I lowered my A1C 0.8 in the one month of implementing the diet and supplements and also shortened my too long menstrual cycle by a week!  I have hope of getting pregnant now, so thank you for going out of your comfort zone and doing this program for us! I definitely feel more empowered with my health struggles.”

– Kimberly


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