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Skin Care

Nothing feels worse than the frustration – and even embarrassment – that comes with blemishes and blotches. Most women try salve after cream after vitamin trying to find the “perfect product” that will solve all their skin woes.

The answer is not more antioxidant creams or new makeup. Beautiful skin is less than 10% what you are slathering on it – flawless skin comes from within. A perfect complexion comes from perfectly balanced hormones.

Stop searching for the perfect concealer or magic wonder cream and get a glow that only comes from the inside out. Whether its food allergies, hormonal imbalances, inflammation or poor skin integrity causing your acne, eczema, psoriasis, or other less-than-pretty skin ailment, getting your internal chemistry balanced treats the cause of your skin issues and gives you youthful, gorgeous skin.

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  • In an industry littered with self proclaimed experts, Dr. Brooke is the real deal.

    - Joe Dowdell CSCS, Founder, Peak Performance NYC

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    - Matt McGorry, Hollywood Celebrity

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    - Molly Galbraith, owner, Girls Gone Strong

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