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Welcome to the Better Everyday Podcast with Sarah Fragoso and Dr Brooke! This show blends Sarah’s experience as a leader in the Paleo movement but more importantly her take on being a woman – a strong woman, a mother and recovering Superwoman, with Dr Brooke’s expertise as a hormone expert and functional medicine doctor as well as mommy, business owner, fitness buff and at least ten other hats she wears. They share their expert advice on food, the gym, hormones and much more along with their real world struggles and successes as they navigate the same trials all women face as they try to be their best self as well as mothers, bosses, employees, wives, sisters, friends and everything in between. Email your show ideas or questions you’d like Sarah and Dr Brooke to answer to

Better Everyday #85 Healthy Protein Delivered To Your Door by Butcher Box

Holy guacamole do we get into it in this meaty episode! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) In this episode we are joined by co-founded of Butcher Box, Mike Salguero who gave us the inside scoop on the meat we eat. Not only did we cover up confusion around what grassfed even means for beef these days but […]

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Better Everyday #84 Cortisol Testing, Your Own Hormone Talk and Intermittent Fasting

We’re back with Q&A today and our first one was a doozy! We discussed what a saliva cortisol panel can and can’t tell you, when you should be digging into the deeper causes or stress vs. when it’s more related to lifestyle and how to know if your stress management tools like exercise may be […]

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Better Everyday #83 How To Avoid Common Mistakes With Training

In this episode we cover a myriad of ways you may be able to get better results, have less injuries and keep your hormones happier in the gym. You know we’re big fans of strength training if you know us at all! But there are several things we see women getting stuck with whether that’s […]

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Better Everyday #82 Beautiful, Natural Skincare from Anne Marie Skincare

As you know we’re in love: with Anne Marie Skincare! We’ve been going on and on about it lately and from what we’ve heard you all are loving it too! You know it is an opportunity to lessen harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors by choosing cleaner skincare products and luckily we have way better choices […]

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Better Everyday #81 What To Eat For Your Thyroid with Jill Grunewald & Lisa Markley

This episode has us joined by two thyroid and culinary experts: Jill Grunewald HNC and Lisa Markley, MS, RDN. We talked about their beautiful new cookbook The Essential Thyroid Cookbook. We myth busted thyroid food rules and talked about their unique approach to a thyroid healing diet. Super great episode if you’ve been wondering what is […]

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Better Everyday #80 Breakouts On Whole30, Muscle After 40 and Is Animal Protein Bad For Estrogen Balance?

In this episode we covered what to do about breakouts on your Whole30 including how to know if it’ your food or your hormones. Concerned about muscle loss after age 40? How late is too late to get the benefits from the weights and if you’re a late bloomer should you even bother? Finally, a […]

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Better Everyday #79 The Dirt Cure with Dr Maya Shetreat-Klien

Drum roll please…….our year-long inner circle coaching program is open!! That’s right you can spend twelve whole months with us and amazing, strong, women just like you who want to make 2018 their best year yet. This program includes weekly coaching with us, monthly webinars on hormones, on demand exercise form coaching, recipes, meditations, mantras […]

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Better Everyday #78 Abuse & Chronic Illness With Dr Meg Haworth

Warning: this episode does deal with the subject of sexual, physical and emotional abuse.  In this episode we are joined by the lovely Dr Meg Haworth who has personally and professionally dealt with all of the various forms of abuse.  Having been abused as a child, nearly downed, struck by lightning it’s no wonder her […]

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Better Everyday #77 Dr Gabrielle Lyon Talks Protein And Muscle As Medicine

In this episode we have the brilliant and beautiful Dr. Gabrielle Lyon! We asked her all your burning questions about what to eat before a workout, and after, how much protein women really need and why she believes muscle is the organ of longevity. Dr Lyon calls protein the “black sheep of the macros” because […]

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Better Everyday #76 Sarah & Dr Brooke Talk Wine with Todd White Of Dry Farms Wines

In this episode we were lucky enough to have wine enthusiast and entrepreneur, Todd White of Dry Farm Wines, the only health quantified wine club in the world. What this means is that their wines have no sugar, are low alcoholer, are keto-diet and Paleo friendly and boast no headache and no hangover. We know […]

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