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PCOS & Women’s Health

Menstrual issues, menopause and mood swings can make life as a woman almost unmanageable. With all we expect from ourselves ladies, feeling sluggish, bloated and irritable just won’t do. Struggling this way is optional though; and you deserve to feel better.

Premenstrual migraines, breakouts, cravings, infertility and even insomnia, simply show your hormones are out of balance. So whether you’re irregular, cranky or hot flashing, setting your hormones straight will give you your health and happiness back.

Among the most common female hormone imbalances is PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the leading cause of infertility in the Western World, affecting nearly 15% of women of childbearing age. Not only does this condition disrupt or prevent ovulation – and therefore pregnancy, but it’s side effects that include acne, fatigue, sugar cravings, weight gain, excessive facial or body hair, hair loss from the front or top of the scalp (similar to male pattern baldness) are extremely distressing. PCOS is a multi-system issue affecting fat metabolism, the thyroid, as well as reproductive health; yet conventional treatment often lacks addressing the underlying issue.

If left unmanaged, insulin resistance – a key mechanism driving PCOS – can develop into Metabolic Syndrome X or Type II Diabetes, increasing risk for cardiovascular disease and other serious health issues. Having suffered with PCOS herself, Dr. Brooke utilizes a naturopathic approach including, nutrition, exercise and acupuncture to get the underlying hormonal imbalances resolved and your health, your body and your beauty back.

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    - Molly Galbraith, owner, Girls Gone Strong

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