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I Help Women Take Control of Their Health, Their Heads, and Their Hormones they can reach their fat loss goals, and finally feel at-home in their bodies. My patients have tried everything. They've hired every specialist, tried every diet, bought every new "heal your hormones" program, and they feel worse than ever. When they've all but given up, they come to me, and we work together to get them where they want to be.

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Dr. Brooke has changed my life. As a woman with PCOS and Hashimoto's, I require very nuanced nutrition and supplementation to see results. Lucky for me, Dr. Brooke has the knowledge and experience to help me minimize my symptoms and optimize my health.

- Molly Galbraith, owner, Girls Gone Strong

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  • With the book turned in, a crazy pants week winding down and our Hangry B*tches Program that starts Monday nearly full 🙏 it was time for a little weight session here at home. ::: And I had the most adorable workout buddies: Belle and Cinderella 🏋🏻‍♀️ ::: I was asked a great question today - if you’ve followed my writing online, listen to my podcast, taken my quizzes and have my protocols, or even see me one on one, is doing this month long program worth it? ::: Um heck yeah! Not only will you get @sarah_fragoso and I live to coach you and ask us questions each week, get delicious recipes to make finding what works you very yummy, Sarah to critique your lifts and have me help dial in your hormones, you ALSO get each other! ::: When we started running this group last fall our goal was to help you ladies and share this program. What happened though was so much more and it was surprisingly beautiful. ::: We saw this group of stranger becomes friends,cheer each other on and lift each other up. So much so that to keep it going we launched a year long group! ::: Women need other women. When you find your girls love them hard and lift them high. ::: We know you’ll find your girls with this program. Registration open and a FEW spots still available. Link to enroll in profile @betterbydrbrooke We can’t wait to start! . . . . . #hangrybitches #hangrbitchesplan #hangrybitchesbook #hormones #pcos #hashimotos #hypothyoridism #hypothyroid #hpaaxisdysfunction #adrenalfatigue #strengthtraining #paleo #mediterraneandiet

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  • You know how you accomplished and grown up you feel when you finally floss? You know how unstoppable you feel after you put on some make up and a cute outfit after crying over broken heart and head out into the world again? You know rock star vibe you get after going to the gym when you haven’t been in forever? Remember how you feel like the pinnacle of health after ordering a salad when you wanted nachos? Remember that amazing feeling you got watching Elle Woods crush that Stairmaster studying at Harvard Law after Warner was such a big dumb jerk? ::: Live today like that. ::: Earlier this week I was in a major slump. Very down in myself and full of doubt. Then I had the unfortunate - or fortunate - experience of being there for a friend in the hospital. Damn if that doesn’t snap you back into gratitude and was a call to practice the first pillar of @sarah_fragoso and my five pillars: Full Engagement Living. ::: Be here for the perfect and for the messy. Be here for the joy and the sadness. Just be sure to be here. Life can change in an instant. ::: Live today you mean it. And if you feel too tired to know even how to start doing that be sure to sign up for our FREE webinar this Saturday morning on Why You’re So Tired. Link in profile @betterbydrbrooke . . . . . #hangrybitches #bettereverydaypodcast #fivepillars #fatigue #adrenalfatigue #hypothyroid #hashimotos #hpaaxisdysfunction #stress #pcos

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  • When you’re tired often cortisol and thyroid are the first hormones that come to mind. HPA Axis Dysfunction (commonly called adrenal fatigue) or a low thyroid can certainly cause you to be tired. ::: But even before we order those tests or get you on support for those hormones – which you may need – we should talk about inflammation. ::: I call inflammation the great hormone mess maker because it affects every single one of your hormones, hindering all their actions in some fashion. So it could very well be a culprit in your adrenal or thyroid issues making you feel tired BUT it can make you feel tired in its own right. ::: In particular you can feel like your brain is in a cloud of fog, like forming thoughts and finding motivation feels like wading through sludge. You may be losing your memory a bit (or a lot!) or get tired easily with heavy brain based activities like reading or driving. Or you may just feel depressed. ::: Kids, this is your brain on inflammation. And this adds one more layer onto the hormonal mess you may have thanks to inflammation and that’s because the brain, specifically the hypothalamus and pituitary, control most of your other hormones. So when inflammation abounds the signals to tell your various glands (ovaries, thyroid, adrenals, etc.) to make their hormones get weaker or less coordinated. ::: Getting to the root of inflammation and taming it will go a long ways towards restoring your hormones across the board. Trouble is it comes from so many sources. Among the biggest ones are diet, stress, lack of sleep and under or over-exercising. Chronic infection, mitochondrial dysfunction, genetics, conditions such as PCOS or menopause, and many more can also contribute. But the ones you have the most control over like NOW are stress, sleep, exercise and diet. ::: Lucky for you my 4 week Hangry B*tches program with the lovely @sarah_fragoso covers ALL of those aspects and more! That kicks off April 2nd! But before we do that, we’ll be talking about various cause of fatigue and how you can get more energy in a FREE webinar this Saturday 11AM EST. Get registered with link in my bio

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  • I used to look around our apartment think: it really doesn’t look like a grown up lives here! ::: My style hasn’t changed since my twenties: kitschy. Which if you look up apparently defines lack of artistic taste 🤷‍♀️ ::: For me though, my whole life I felt I had to put up some appearance that fit an ideal I’m not even certain where it came from! I rebelled against that finally and all of a sudden nothing in my apartment matched 😂 ::: But it was so freeing to be more of who I was that I just didn’t give a hoot. And with that shift my home became my sanctuary as I went through the toughest years of my life. And now, luckily my husband loves me enough to let me continue this mix-matched trend :) ::: So yeah my plates are all different colors as are my chairs. Every room here is a different color. It’s fun. It’s happy. It’s not grown up. But it is me. ::: We don’t realize how stressful stuff like quieting our full expression of ourselves is until we stop doing it. But talk about low grade angst and discomfort - thus low grade stress hormone disruption! ::: But when we stop and think about it: what in the hell is more stressful and exhausting than not being who you really are? ::: It’s @sarah_fragoso and my fifth and most important pillar in our Hangry B*tches Program. Learn how to be more of who YOU are in our group that starts April 2. Link @betterbydrbrooke ::: This stuff seems so fluffy even though we know it’s important! So we made all our mindset stuff very, very practical. We teach the actual tool to pull these things off. For being who you are one important tool is stop saying sorry! Especially sorry for how your body looks or for anything that is an honest expression of you. ::: I’m definitely not sorry anymore about my non- grown up home ❤️ Get on the waitlist and join us in April! . . . . . #hangrybitches #bettereverydaypodcast #fivepillars #bewhoyourare #hangrybitchesbook #hangrybitchesplan

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