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I Help Women Take Control of Their Health, Their Heads, and Their Hormones they can reach their fat loss goals, and finally feel at-home in their bodies. My patients have tried everything. They've hired every specialist, tried every diet, bought every new "heal your hormones" program, and they feel worse than ever. When they've all but given up, they come to me, and we work together to get them where they want to be.

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Dr. Brooke has changed my life. As a woman with PCOS and Hashimoto's, I require very nuanced nutrition and supplementation to see results. Lucky for me, Dr. Brooke has the knowledge and experience to help me minimize my symptoms and optimize my health.

- Molly Galbraith, owner, Girls Gone Strong

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  • It’s #fivepillarfriday and this is my Lola being her little badass self in karate :) There are a hundred good reasons to exercise. What’s yours? ::: Exercise can boost your mood, protect your bones, keep you heart healthy, balance your hormones, change you attitude, be fun, make you stronger, and of course can help you lose or maintain weight. ::: It can of course be overdone as well and be a downfall to all those benefits I just mentioned, but that’s another post. As for why do you workout, think about it - do you know the answer? Women often tell me “I workout cuz I know I should!” ::: Which is a bummer of an answer I think but obviously I can see where it comes from. When we don’t workout we often feel lazy or that we lack willpower or think “Well.....I should go to the gym.” To me it’s about the fifth pillar in my and @sarah_fragoso ‘s 5 pillars: be who you are. I have always exercised as a means to an end: lose weight and be good. Cuz like so many women I thought I was “supposed to”. Now I do it because it makes me feel strong which is who I am. It makes me feel in my integrity, which is how I strive to live. It makes me feel happy, which is what I strive to be. ::: Like so many healthy habits, it can be done for a million reasons. I suggest one that makes you feel amazing - and more like who you are :) . . . . . . #fivepillarfriday #hangrybitch #fivepillar #5pillars #hormones #hangrybitches #hangrybitches #pcos #strengthtraing #adrenalfatifue #hpadysregulation #menopause #thyroid #hahsimotos #hypothyroid #womenshealth #mindset

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  • Hey all! Just wondering what you need to know more about. Specific hormone balancing strategies, how your hormones work, food things, exercise things, mindset, more pics of my kids?? :) ::: The last few months have been a lot of promo with loads of exciting things going on for me BUT giving you all what you need is the whole reason I’m here so let me know how I can help! What do you need more of?

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  • But what about all the other days? When nothing goes right, you are low on sleep, work or kids (or both) are on your last nerve and you feel like a hormonal hot mess? This days it ain’t easy. ::: Those days it’s hard to love yourself. Those days it hard to meditate. Those days it’s hard to remember to “find your joy”. Those days you’d trade lives with just about anyone. Those days it’s hard to eat a salad instead of a pint of ice cream. And those days it’s really hard to be who you are. ::: Those are the days when you have to have a rock solid foundation, guiding principles that you live on all the easy days so that you don’t fall apart on the hard days. @sarah_fragoso and I believe those principles are our five pillars: find and commit to what works for you, opt out of overwhelm, full engagement living, be your best friend and be who you are. ::: When we hone these and live from this place we can more easily make the choices with food, exercise and life that work with our hormones and not against them. And perhaps even more important - not be at the whim of every hard day. ::: Hard days will happen but they don’t topple you when you have a better foundation. So keep an eye out cuz we will be bringing you insights and how-tos on the Five Pillars every Friday! . . . . . #fivepillars #fivepillarfriday #bebetter #bettereveryday #hormones #pcos #hypothyroid #hashimotos #thyroid #menopause #hangrybitch #hangrybitches

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  • Whether from your yoga teacher or your favorite self-help guru or myself and @sarah_fragoso, you’ve no doubt heard that the key to les stress and more joy is to be more present. Yeah, yeah, you get it already….but HOW? ::: Full engagement living is one of our 5 Pillars and you can’t be fully engaged if you’re not fully present…but again, how? One of the biggest reasons we are not fully engaged in our life and with the people we care about is distractions. We are pulled in a million different directions all day and things like social media are designed to pull us in and away from our real life. ::: We covered this on our recent webinar and this is the type of thing we will help you hone if you’re with us for the duration in 2018 (link @betterbydrbrooke for more info, registration closes tomorrow!) but here’s our best tips for doing better with this pillar right now - ::: Start looking people straight in the eye when you speak with them. Be there, feel it if there is any discomfort of connecting with someone and really listen. Don’t think about what you’re going to say, don’t judge, just listen and be there with them. ::: Be honest about your own distractions and things that trigger emotions that get you into your head and out of your present. That may be social media in general or maybe certain people or pages on social media. For now, unfollow (hopefully not me! Ha!) As you get better about being present, being your best friend and being who you are (2 more pillars) give it a test and jump to that page again. Does it pull you into your head, make you feel anxious or otherwise take you out of your present? If so, you’re not quite there yet. ::: Finally, immerse yourself in your life – really marinate in it. Create your home and work space to reflect what matters to you, what makes you feel more joy and more like yourself. This may be with quotes, art work, pictures of your kids, changing passwords on the gazillion webpages we log into every day to one of your mantras. Really create a space that you want to be in. ::: Mastering these concepts that create the foundation for your bigger, better life. Join us before tomorrow midnight EST!

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