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I Help Women Take Control of Their Health, Their Heads, and Their Hormones they can reach their fat loss goals, and finally feel at-home in their bodies. My patients have tried everything. They've hired every specialist, tried every diet, bought every new "heal your hormones" program, and they feel worse than ever. When they've all but given up, they come to me, and we work together to get them where they want to be.

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Dr. Brooke has changed my life. As a woman with PCOS and Hashimoto's, I require very nuanced nutrition and supplementation to see results. Lucky for me, Dr. Brooke has the knowledge and experience to help me minimize my symptoms and optimize my health.

- Molly Galbraith, owner, Girls Gone Strong

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  • I used to look around our apartment think: it really doesn’t look like a grown up lives here! ::: My style hasn’t changed since my twenties: kitschy. Which if you look up apparently defines lack of artistic taste 🤷‍♀️ ::: For me though, my whole life I felt I had to put up some appearance that fit an ideal I’m not even certain where it came from! I rebelled against that finally and all of a sudden nothing in my apartment matched 😂 ::: But it was so freeing to be more of who I was that I just didn’t give a hoot. And with that shift my home became my sanctuary as I went through the toughest years of my life. And now, luckily my husband loves me enough to let me continue this mix-matched trend :) ::: So yeah my plates are all different colors as are my chairs. Every room here is a different color. It’s fun. It’s happy. It’s not grown up. But it is me. ::: We don’t realize how stressful stuff like quieting our full expression of ourselves is until we stop doing it. But talk about low grade angst and discomfort - thus low grade stress hormone disruption! ::: But when we stop and think about it: what in the hell is more stressful and exhausting than not being who you really are? ::: It’s @sarah_fragoso and my fifth and most important pillar in our Hangry B*tches Program. Learn how to be more of who YOU are in our group that starts April 2. Link @betterbydrbrooke ::: This stuff seems so fluffy even though we know it’s important! So we made all our mindset stuff very, very practical. We teach the actual tool to pull these things off. For being who you are one important tool is stop saying sorry! Especially sorry for how your body looks or for anything that is an honest expression of you. ::: I’m definitely not sorry anymore about my non- grown up home ❤️ Get on the waitlist and join us in April! . . . . . #hangrybitches #bettereverydaypodcast #fivepillars #bewhoyourare #hangrybitchesbook #hangrybitchesplan

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  • I love the gratitude list. I’ve been using that tool for over 20 years when I heard it on Oprah :) It’s great and I think it’s the gratitude gateway. But I also think for many people it’s fleeting. ::: You feel so good when you can find those things to be grateful for, even on the rough days but then you go back to your life and get sucked back into the stress, the discontent, the discomfort and distractions. All the things that create overwhelm and keep you living somewhere else instead this moment. ::: So keep doing the list, but when @sarah_fragoso and I teach our #fivepillars we are talking about gratitude in a new way. We want to live it, not just list it. We want to have you feel almost moved to tears all day long when you think about what you’re grateful for. ::: Marinate in it, immerse yourself in it and really again, be almost teary when you think of what you’re grateful for. LIVE FROM THIS THIS PLACE. Where you are present, less overwhelmed and in the magic of wanting what you’ve got instead of longing to get what you want. ::: In time you may be able to get there with just a thought or a list but as you start to live this practice use gratitude grabbers, the things you can’t help but feel your heart bursting about. Maybe it’s your bestie, your partner, your parents, your pet, a special place, a wonderful grandparent, your exciting job or maybe like me it’s your littles. ::: I can’t help but be completely in gratitude when I think of how much I love these two. Hardest thing I’ve ever done hands down is be a mom, but what I get in return I couldn’t be more grateful for. ::: What gets you back into gratitude and something you can use to harness that feeling 24/7, really live from that place? ::: Join us to dig deeper and really practice this stuff in our HB group starting April 2! Link to waitlist in profile @betterbydrbrooke . . . . . #hangrybitches #bettereverydaypodcast #fivepillars #fivepillarfriday #gratitudejournal #grateful 📷 @erinsilber_photography

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  • Man has it been a week over here. Holy guacamole as sarah_fragoso would say. ::: Hubby gone, toddler trying to break me, recorded half a podcast this morning with my mic muted 🤦‍♀️. ::: Finally get these babies to bed and all wanted was to have popcorn for dinner. I bought myself groceries to make a great dinner but as I sit here so tired, really hungry with my roasted chicken that may or may not end up on top of a salad, I’m reminded we are all just doing the best we can. ::: Sometimes we are crushing it and sometimes we stand at the kitchen counter and half-ass eat our dinner. We make the best choices as often as we can and let the rest go. ::: We give ourselves some grace for what we got right. I fixed the podcast and sidestepped the popcorn (which makes me feel like hell). My kids are asleep and if I do decide to have salad the wine will be on the side 😉 ::: And we skip the guilt for not getting it perfect. I am likely not going to bother with making a kale salad to go with this chicken. And that’s totally cool. ::: At least that’s what my best friend voice would say. And tonight my worst critic voice isn’t even get a word in. Grace over guilt. ::: Come hang with myself and Sarah and get our goods for managing days like this, cuz life right? Link in profile @betterbydrbrooke Hangry B*tches starts April 2! . . . . . #hangrybitches #hangrybitch #bettereverydaypodcast #graceoverguilt #fivepillars #beyourbestfriend

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  • Hi! I'm Dr Brooke functional medicine doc, hormone expert and co-host of the @bettereverydaypodcast I also have PCOS, have had two babies, run my biz, lift weights and dealing currently with some degree of HPA Axis Dysfunction (commonly called adrenal fatigue). ::: You may not be able to tell all those things by looking at me. I struggle with sleep lately a lot mostly because of my kiddos but also when stressed. I also have battled a lot of body image issues and still have to remind myself to choose self-compassion over self-criticism. And if I'm not super careful with my diet I breakout and gain weight easily. ::: I say all this to remind you that no one can size you up either just by looking at you. I see hormone experts, gurus and trainers say to women all of the following unhelpful things - ::: You don't look like you have PCOS. I can tell by looking at your skin if your hormones are balanced or not. You look like/don't look like you exercise a lot/enough. You don't look like you're trying very hard to eat well. You don't look like you have an autoimmune issue, why do you eat so weird? ::: I know that guru is just trying to position themselves as the expert and good clinicians can tell a whole lot about you by looking at you, but saying these things to you feels a bit judgy right? ::: Truth be told, even the best of us at what we do can't size you up by a look. We cannot tell how much effort you put into your health or how much time you spend at the gym by looking at you. And we can't tell that you have micromanaged your diet till you're almost in tears trying to clear up those breakouts or lose a few pounds. We can't tell how hard this may all be for you. ::: I cringe when I hear this from women because the reality is we know nothing about a woman's battle by looking at her. The scars may show up in a blemish or a few extra pounds or dark circles but MOST of them are unseen. ::: The burden she carries day after day to take care of herself isn’t easily visible. Only YOU really know YOU. ::: Find what works for YOU and your hormones with guidance from myself and @sarah_fragoso the most non-judgey imperfect experts ever 😘 Link in profile @betterbydrbrooke

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