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It’s my mission to help you make sense of and resolve your hormonal symptoms. As well, I will help you understand funky stuff like why you feel hungry AFTER you’ve eaten, why your period makes you a different person or why you crash every other workout unable to get back to the gym – and how to fix it. I want to help you support your hormones, teach you real self-care and feel less overwhelmed about it all.

I am a mother, wife, doctor, lifter of heavy weights, hormone helper and above all I’m a woman who like you, keeps showing up every day perfectly imperfect and learning that my best is absolutely good enough.

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Who Is Dr Brooke?

Hey, I’m Dr Brooke! A pharmacist turned naturopathic and functional medicine doc and a small town Montana girl now living in The Big Apple. I’ve struggled with PCOS and crazy high stress levels, histamine intolerance and a slew of body image issues, low self-esteem and otherwise not being very nice to myself. All of that became the work I do today: helping women resolve their hormone issues and come home to themselves. I teach them how to listen to their hormones instead of hating them, basically be their own best friend.

When you understand what your hormones are trying to tell you, you can stop fighting them. You can feel healthy and happy again. Pretty awesome right? I’m just sorry no one has taught you how to listen to your body, but that changes today.

The women I help are often at the end of their rope, usually exhausted but always overwhelmed and frustrated.  I’m often the fourth or fifth provider they’ve seen. They’ve been dismissed or given band-aids by modern medicine and often a slew of supplements and contradicting diet advice from Dr Google or other practitioners, but they lack any cohesive plan or understanding of what their underlying issues are. They’ve tried a lot and it’s all failed, no wonder they are beginning to think it’s all their fault.

But the truth is, medicine and popular nutrition advice have failed women with incredibly common symptoms such as fatigue and depression and with conditions such as PCOS, Hashimoto’s and even menopause. One thing I know for sure is that it’s not your fault.

It’s really not your fault. It is simply that you’ve been given subpar tools to work with hormones you don’t understand.

The absolutely greatest news though is that your hormones talk to you, they give you feedback all day about how they’re doing – you just have to know how to tune in and decipher their signals and then be respectful enough to listen and finally be able do what works for you. I will teach you that.

Work With Dr. Brooke

It’s My Mission to Help You!


My Job Is To Bring You Back Home

My job is not only to effectively treat your complex condition but to teach you about you, to guide you on why we’re doing what we’re doing, and to bring you back: back to yourself, back on your own side, back home in your body and back to living – and loving – your life.

Back to doing all the things you’re here to do for yourself and those you care about.

If you’re ready to understand your complex physiology in a tangible, practical way; to feel at home in your body and have the energy, mental clarity and zest you need to live your big, BETTER life let’s get to work.

Were you hoping for a more official “bio”? You can find that here.

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