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Your hormones are talking and this quiz is the first step in me helping you decipher what they are saying.

Your signs and symptoms are the language of your hormones, Although there are many, many hormones influencing your body and your ability to burn fat, these are the biggest players affecting your results.

Keep in mind that you may (and most likely do) have issues with more than one hormone. To get the big picture on your metabolism, be sure to re-visit this page and take all five quizzes.

To take each quiz:

  • Click the button of the quiz you want to take and you’ll be directed to the interactive quiz.
  • Simply answer YES or NO to each symptom question.
  • When you’re done, enter your email address and your results will be sent right to your inbox with a FREE report on your unique hormonal issues.

Insulin Resistance
Quiz #1

Expanding waistline, reaching for something sweet after every meal, hair loss or breakouts? Insulin Resistance could be one of your hormonal barriers to BETTER fat loss.

Quiz #1 Insulin Resistance

Low Cortisol
Quiz #2

Non-functional without your morning coffee, got the blood sugar blues and rollercoaster energy? Low Cortisol could be one of your hormonal barriers to BETTER fat loss.

Quiz #2 Low Cortisol

Elevated Cortisol
Quiz #3

Stressed out, cravings off the charts and struggling with anything from blood pressure, heartburn or wonky menstrual cycles? See if Elevated Cortisol is a hormonal barrier to BETTER fat loss for you.

Quiz #3 Elevated Cortisol

Thyroid Troubles
Quiz #4

Sluggish everything from energy to digestion, taking thyroid meds but still feel “low” or feel like you are losing your mind as well as your hair? Low thyroid or autoimmune thyroid disease may be part of your fat loss resistance.

Quiz #4 Thyroid Troubles

Estrogen + Progesterone Imbalance
Quiz #5

Is your cycle short, long or gone missing in between? Do you have PMS, PCOS or just feel puffy? Is your skin broken out or wrinkled up? How about hair loss? Ladies, our female hormones play a profound role in our wellbeing – and our waistline. Think estrogen or progesterone issues may be playing a role in your fatloss? Take the quiz.

Quiz #5 Estrogen + Progesterone Imbalance