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The following products are all partners of the Dr. Brooke Show and I feel like a kid on Christmas that I get to partner and work with companies and products like these! Everything on this list is personally vetted by me and I either use them personally every day or I use them in practice with my patients.

How lucky am I? Well you’re in luck too and not just because these things are great but because each partner has offered you some pretty great savings!

One of THE most powerful tools for your health: A Continuous Glucose Monitor

This wearable device helps you effortlessly understand what foods work for you and even how stress and sleep impact your blood sugar allowing you to make changes in real time. The Nutrisense CGM also allows you to see your glucose variability (the difference between your highs and lows) which may be as important as how high your blood sugar runs. It’s an amazing tool and Nutrisense has my favorite interface with their app and dietitian support! It’s easy and straightforward and with code BETTEREVERYDAY at checkout you can save 30% off a subscription. Click here and be well on your way to better health. 


Feel LIke You Need Your Brain Back?

Neurohaker’s revolutionary product Qualiamind is a  scientifically-balanced focus formula that helps you create the mental space for creativity by supporting the 4 most important areas of brain performance:

  • Energy [Coffeeberry®, theobromine, B vitamins]
  • Clarity [L-theanine, alpha-GPC, huperzia serrata]
  • Memory [Bacopa, ginkgo, rhodiola rosea, celastrus]
  • Productivity [Velvet bean extract, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine]

It’s the only nootropic supplement made with a whole-systems approach, so it’s designed to elevate every part of your mind. So you can find it easier to slip into flow and break down the barriers between you and your goals. Whether you’re dealing with perimenopause brain fog or just wanted to get your mental edge back, you’ll love Qualiamind! And with this discount it’s too good to pass up! With this link you’ll automatically get 75% off the product AND if you enter code BETTEREVERYDAY you’ll get another 15% off!

get 75% off

Want a VERY Easy Way to Support Your Hormones, Immune System & Aging?

I’ll be honest: most green juices are kinda garbage. They include a host of poor quality and even immune aggravating, cheap ingredients like alfalfa. What’s more is many of them taste too gross to be compliant with. That said, a greens powder when done right can be an extremely easy way to get more antioxidants which are vital to everything I talk about on the Dr. Brooke Show.

Organifi Greens is my only greens drink recommendation because not only is it USDA certified organic but contains 11 superfoods including the heavy hitters spirulina and match and it contains a whopping 600mg of ashwaganda for stress.  It’s an incredible  boost of antioxidants for better energy, less brain fog and better exercise recovery. And ladies, you’re going to want to try Harmony! Their female hormone balancing blend of shatavari, maca and vitex in a delicious cacao base. Save 20% with code BETTEREVERYDAY at checkout.

Listen to my interview with Mae Steigler of Organifi on the Dr Brooke Show.

Save 20%
Listen to the Interview with Mae Steigler

Is natural, anti-aging skincare really a unicorn that doesn’t exist? Not anymore.

Skin care in the U.S. is a mess and anti-aging products are among the worst of the worst. Over 200 chemicals that have the potential to disrupt your hormones are allowed into our skincare and they are small enough that your skin soaks them right up.

It may seem like these small doses don’t matter, but they really do and they add up when it’s a serum here, make up there, body lotion in the morning and night cream later. As well, if you’re looking to target the main issue with aging skin you need something that covers a few keyer aspects of skin health and anti-aging: anti inflammatory, antioxidant action and support collagen and elastin formation (the proteins that keeps our skin integrity and firmness intact).

What fits this tall order: actually works and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients? Puritty Woods Dream Cream. Save 27% off with code BETTEREVERYDAY.

Note from Dr. Brooke: many anti-aging creams are too heavy for skin that’s not overly dry. If this is you – like it is me – use ½ pump to start and see what works. Personally I use ½ pump in the morning and 1 full pump at night. It’s great for my breakout prone, mid-40s skin (a frustrating combo!) that needs multiple kinds of support.

Save 27%

Do you enjoy alcohol from time to time but hate how you feel the morning after even a little bit?

We all know the downsides of alcohol (you can see this post about Alcohol & Your Hormones or listen to this episode of the Dr. Brooke Show) but many still choose to indulge on occasion. However, one indulgence shouldn’t ruin your entire next day. Meaning that a glass or two of wine on occasion can be jus that, and not bleed into a groggy morning where you miss your workouts or struggle to make your normal healthy habits stick.  Enter Zbiotics!

This amazing little liquid supplement is taken before you have any alcohol and it will help your body process and break down acetaldehyde (a toxic metabolite of alcohol) right in your gut. It’s a real saving grace if you, like me, enjoy the occasional glass of vino.

Save 15% off with code BETTEREVERYDAY at checkout AND there’s a money back guarantee if you find ZBiotics doesn’t work for you!

Listen to my interview Zach Abbot PhD and founder of Zbiotics on the Dr Brooke Show.


Save 15%
Listen to my interview Zach Abbot PhD

Most women struggle to get enough protein, this will help!

Women I speak with every day fall into one of two camps:

They don’t get anywhere near the minimum 100g protein per day that I recommend. They perhaps don’t fully understand the importance of protein for women (especially as we age) or they are relying heavily on plant based protein

The other camp of women are very mindful of having protein at each meal but are shocked to find that they aren’t coming in way under that 100g or the ideal 1g per pound of ideal body weight per day. They are busy and don’t always have protein cooked, struggle to find good protein based snacks or find that with strategies like fasting they can’t fit all those protein grams into their shorter eating window.

Enter KION! If you need more, easy protein because of any of the above reasons you’ll love having KION’s essential aminos on hand to support workout recovery, balance your blood sugar or just almost effortlessly boost your protein intake for the day.

Save 15% off with code BETTEREVERYDAY right here.Here my interview with KION founder Angelo Keely and my follow up Protein Q&A episode of the Dr Brooke Show. These are among my most downloaded episodes! Such fantastic information.

Save 15%
Interview with KION founder Angelo Keely

Drinking “Electrolyte Enhanced Water” or adding electrolytes to your water bottle and seeing little to no difference? Try this instead.

We live in the age of designer waters full of minerals or pH balanced and there’s no shortage of powdered electrolytes on the market promising to give you more energy and other benefits, but most people don’t report feeling much different using these expensive products.

The problem? Way too low of a dose to make a meaningful difference for you, but it’s an easy problem to fix! LMNT is a high sodium, well rounded electrolyte blend containing potassium and magnesium. It’s ideal for anyone following a low carb diet or keto, anyone that trains hard and all of us suffering from adrenal stress (dizzy when standing up, not tolerating our workouts). It’s one of the very few supplements that people say makes an immediate difference in their brain fog, energy, cravings and stamina. Get a free sample pack with purchase with this link and code BETTEREVERYDAY at checkout.


Free sample pack

The Prenatal Vitamin I Wish I Had When I Was Pregnant

Prenatal vitamins range from mediocre to downright not great. If they’ve got the right forms of those crucial B vitamins then they are missing that vital nutrient choline. Or they are easy to take, like a gummy, but aren’t providing you nearly enough of what you’re taking them for. It’s been a real problem!

And that’s not all: did you know that 95% of women taking a prenatal are still nutrient deficient?

Yikes, right? The founders of Needed saw this as a big problem and one they absolutely solved!

But Needed quickly became a bigger solution to a bigger problem by providing more tools for moms and moms to be. So often hopeful moms and new moms are left with options that don’t address their needs such as prenatals that don’t supply optimal levels of nutrients or ones that they can’t take due to nausea or they are left without any real options for low energy, anxiety or even colds/flus while they are pregnant or nursing because there aren’t natural products that are considered safe during these times.

Needed solved all of these problems as well as created a community of no-guilt, education and support for new moms and moms to be. Learn more about Needed and save 20% off your first order with code BETTEREVERYDAY at checkout.

Save 20%

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