Dr Brooke Show #291 All About Amino Acids with Angelo Keely of KION

October 13, 2022

Get your notebooks out cuz this episode is jam packed with info about one of my favorite topics that always deserves more attention and unpacking: protein. I’m joined by founder of KION, Angelo Keely and expert in all things amino acids. We discuss precisely why protein is so foundational for aging and metabolism and the unique considerations for women.

We also make sense of the myriad of powered options you have from protein shakes to collagen peptides to branch chain amino acids, as well as what you need to know about animal vs. plant protein sources – and it’s not just about a complete vs. an incomplete protein! Angelo also shares how we can use a complete amino acid blend to up our daily protein intake, support our workouts and a ton of other benefits from supporting mood, balancing hormones and helping with cravings. 

This is an episode to tune into and share! The protein conversation is rife with myths, fears and a whole lot of marketing. This conversation with Angelo will help us all feel more informed and on our way to living a longer, healthier life that’s full of fun – which is in fact the mission of his company Kion. So good! Can’t wait to hear what you think. 

Learn more and save a generous 20% off one of my favorite new products: the Kion Aminos.

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