Dr Brooke Show #348 Alcohol & Your Microbiome Zack Abbot, PhD & Founder of ZBiotics

August 2, 2023
Dr Brooke Show #348 Alcohol & Your Microbiome Zack Abbot, PhD & Founder of ZBiotics

Even if you never have a sip of wine this interview is fascinating! Zack is a wealth of knowledge about the microbiome as well as how to “teach” a favorable, safe bacteria that’s already in our gut how to metabolize a breakdown product of alcohol through genetic modification. It sounds like science fiction – and it sounds scary. I mean GMO right??

But it turns out how bacteria are modified is very different than modifying plants in our food source for a couple of reasons making this FDA regulated product very safe and without immune or inflammatory consequences that could come from changing the food we eat (i.e. GMO soy or hybridized wheat).

And this product is very effective! I share with Zack in the interview how skeptical I was of ZBiotic having any effect on how I felt the next day after having a glass of wine. Truth be told it was like it never happened. So I was thrilled to have Zack on the show to talk about how this product works and how they created it.

Learn more about Zach and Zbiotics here.

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We all know the downsides of alcohol, but it is still something many decide to enjoy on occasion. Most of us also notice that especially as we get into our 40s and beyond that one glass of wine feels like way more than a glass the next day. If you choose to indulge, one dose of ZBiotics before drinking any alcohol can make you feel way less yucky the next day! Cool…but how? The yuck the day after having alcohol is due to a buildup of acetaldehyde (a byproduct of alcohol metabolism). ZBiotics is a probiotic formula that helps you break down acetaldehyde in the gut so you can have a great workout and a great day even after a drink the night before. Click here to save 15% off ZBiotics. Oh, and they do have a money back guarantee, so why not?

This episode is also sponsored by LMNT Electrolytes! These high sodium, well balanced hydration boosters are perfect for low carb dieters, those doing keto or when employing intermittent or any type of fasting. Skip the brain fog, low energy, cravings and perform better with LMNT electrolytes. Get your FREE sample pack here

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