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Better Everyday #60 Natural Headache & Pain Relief With Neurologist Dr Trupti Gokani

Functional neurologist and guest of The Dr Oz Show, the lovely Trupti Gokani, MD joins us in this episode and it was amazing.  Her unique blend of Ayurveda, Functional Medicine and neurology gives such cool insights into common issues so many of us suffer with including poor sleep, headaches, waning memory, anxiety and brain fog. […]

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What’s Causing Your Breakouts?

Acne is not only a troublesome symptom but a sign that your hormones are out of balance. It is also a beacon from your internal chemistry that you're dealing with inflammation and likely eating the wrong foods. If you have PCOS it is also a clear sign you're dealing with androgen overload or hypersensitivity.

Acne: Is It Your Hormones Or Your Diet? It is both.  Your hormones and diet that is. Despite the dermatology party line, “the cause of acne remains unknown” or acne is a vague condition of “hormonal imbalances”, we know a lot actually about what causes acne – and what can help clear up your skin. […]

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What Is Making Your Hair Fall Out?

Losing hair is among the most distressing of all symptoms I see in my office. It can create an extreme amount of stress and guess what’s bad for hair loss? stress. But that’s just one of the multiple reasons you could be losing your tresses. Most women that are concerned about hair loss are taking […]

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How Alcohol Affects Your Hormones

Alcohol has profound effects that ripple throughout your metabolism. While many of us love a good glass of wine it can wreak havoc on our waistline, skew our hormones in favor of excess estrogen, increased insulin resistance and elevated cortisol. This can leave us with inflammation, insomnia, excess appetite and cravings as well as increased health risks.

How Alcohol Affects Your Female Hormones & Metabolism Wine, cocktails, good times, girlfriends, relaxation, summer fun, Holiday cheer – they all conjure up good times and put a smile on most of our faces.  It is called HAPPY hour after all! Since it’s synonymous with fun, it is no wonder why most women are wondering […]

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What Is Histamine Intolerance?

Over the last few months as I’ve dealt with my own histamine intolerance I’ve shared about it on Facebook and Instagram.  As I talked about it with you all there was a lot of huh? What is this? Why on earth would you have such a restrictive diet? Can’t you just take a Claritin?? I wish....

What Is Histamine & Why I Can’t I Stand It When we think of histamine what comes to mind is runny noses and itchy eyes in the spring and maybe getting hives. Histamine is actually a bigger part of all of our lives going well beyond hay fever and allergies.     Histamine is an […]

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Better Everyday #58 Sarah & Dr Brooke Open Up About Marriage, Their Current State Health & Self Care

You’re sitting down right? As we’ve eluded to in the past few months there’s a lot going on over here! Professionally things are amazing with the book coming out and all and we’ve had so much support for our work and this podcast lately, it’s been just incredible! Thank you. But as life tends to […]

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Better Everyday #57 Barbells & Stem Cells: The Anti-Aging Benefits Of Strength Training with Dr Tyna Moore

You can tell by that title that we were pretty giddy about this topic right? Dr Tyna Moore, ND, DC joins us in this episode where we discuss the benefits of weight training from a totally different angle. We are big fans of the barbell as you know for what it does for our capability, […]

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Better Everyday #56 Mike Mutzel On Holistic Ketogenic Diets

Ladies, you’ve sent us a ton of questions about ketogenic diets ranging from how to keto to who should keto to why keto at all. While we’ve touched on it in other episodes we wanted to bring you The Man – Mr. Mike Mutzel. If you don’t know Mike from his popular podcast and Youtube […]

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Better Everyday #55 Anniversary Edition: Recap Of Our 5 Most Downloaded Episodes + Big News!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our podcast just turned a year old and without you all, well we’d just be talking to ourselves! But seriously, we are here for you so you all being here with us on this journey warms our hearts and we’re so grateful. Because of your support, comments, questions and […]

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What You Need To Know Before You Start ANY Type Of Diet

What you eat and how you workout are only part of the picture when it comes to weight loss or getting healthy. Mindset, how you go about these things determine your level of misery, restriction and general angst over health and diet.

I’ve found 5 big misery makers that keep you feeling badly regardless of your health or body weight, repeatedly get you off track and generally steal your sunshine but I’ve also found the antidotes to each one. This is not a post about why some exercises are better than others for fat loss. It is […]

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