Dr Brooke Show #391 Understanding Iodine for Thyroid + Breast Health

April 1, 2024

Encore Episode! This is a dicey subject for sure and I’m certain it will have a lot of you rethinking your supplement regimen. Iodine is most often used to improve thyroid or breast health but it’s important to understand the whole story about how these recommendations came about and why more iodine can actually be bad for both.

Iodine is an essential nutrient that we absolutely need for thyroid function as well as other systems in our bodies, HOWEVER, it’s a Golidlock’s nutrient if there ever was one. When you look at how our bodies manage iodine and what our actual need for this unique trace mineral is you can see that we need to be a bit more careful with higher doses of iodine. This episode explains exactly why we need enough and not too much (and of course what the doses are that is just enough for general health, thyroid, pregnancy, etc.), what research shows us in terms of the fall out of too much iodine (hint: oxidative stress, thyroid problems and a rise in autoimmunity) and when to consider lowering iodine intake to see if your thyroid and breast health improves. I also cover how to assess and test for iodine status and some real problems with the rationale used by high iodine advocates in the health space.

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