Day 8 – I Am Grateful For What’s Right About Fitness & Health

November 8, 2010

I am sure everyone feels this way about their industry from time to time, but sometimes fitness feels a little fake and health seems a little ridiculous. Fitness magazines are usually page after page of spray tans, fake boobs and ads for fat burners before you get to the article on, well, fitness.  And if another women’s health publication writes yet one more article called “Flat Belly Foods” I think I’m gonna have to beat the editor over the head with a copy. Is this really what we need? Do any of us really believe there is a food out there that will magically melt off belly fat while we sit on the couch? Are any of us under the illusion that being very lean will make us truly happy? Is any of this helping real women, in the real world be healthier, look better and live a life they love? I’ve been frustrated with this for years as I’ve tried to find my voice in this field and see where I can make the most difference.  Lucky for me there are some awesome women who’ve been feeling the same way. Most days I’m frustrated, but today I am thankful for what’s right about the health and fitness world. I am thrilled to be part of a new project where 5 smart, strong ladies are creating a totally new offering: reality. We’ll be helping real women to live in the real world, eat real food and be really strong and healthy…and look really great. Really great. There are some very regimented women that can commit to a body building lifestyle and diet for years and maintain a very, very lean and lovely (I think) physique – and their dedication is amazing, but that life feels one dimensional for many women. Likewise there are the Hollywood beauties that look phenomenal – but as we all know, that’s part of their job to maintain that body and they have an abundance of resources to do so.  But the rest of us women while wanting to have those perfect bodies also have kids, jobs, health concerns, volunteer work and the desire to do extend life far beyond the gym. Perhaps that’s the problem for most women – when taken in totality, all of our desires don’t necessarily match up with each other. Like they say, we want it all. We want to look absolutely perfect like the women in the magazines, but we also want to have lives that are about more than just what our bodies look like. I struggle with this personally as well – but I think there’s room for both, we all just have to find our unique balance that makes us happy with our bodies, leaves us completely fullfilled and keeps a lot of dimension to our lives. I wish I could say more about the project, but we’re still fine tuning details. Stay tuned for some really great info, opportunity and community coming your way ladies! I am so grateful to have found some like minded women that want to change the world!

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