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  • Just me. As is. ::: On my way to meet up with @sarah_fragoso for days of video and photos for our book. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have some mixed feelings about this. ::: As a woman that’s always felt a pressure - perhaps mostly internal - to change my body in a hundred different ways to measure up, being part of a fitness photo shoot feels a little surreal. ::: I haven’t been on a diet. I haven’t been over-exercising. And I am indeed NOT a fitness model 🤷‍♀️ ::: I promised myself I’d show up as is to this book. Hormones as balanced as possible, but not perfect. Practicing what I preach and doing the best I can everyday. Waking daily and lifting weights regularly because I love it and it makes me happy, heathy, powerful and feel like myself. Exercise helps my hormones but also makes me feel in my integrity. As does veggies and I’ve eaten them with abandon recently, like I always do. Protein, water and as much sleep as I can muster. ::: I fought that urge to cardio up and calorie down these past few months. Looking great for a photo shoot is one thing, showing up as a working mom who’s just trying to get it right as often as possible and honor myself in the process- well that’s real life. And that’s the woman this book is for. ::: Easy? Easier than it was five years ago that’s for sure. But those unhelpful stories linger in our minds, in time though we learn to choose to believe them less and less often. ::: Here’s to showing up with a full heart to each day, doing BETTER whenever we can, always honoring our health and hormones above all else and maybe wishing I had fewer bags under my eyes but knowing they are a sign of being up late cuddling my girls that we’re restless, taking care of my patients before I traveled and just part of LIFE. It’s all good. It’s all this woman’s life. And I know it’s yours too. ::: This book is for you, the real ladies doing your best for yourself and those your love. Sarah and I can’t wait to share it with you! ::: One thing I do not have mixed feelings about is seeing Sarah!!! So excited 💕❤️ . . . . #bettereveryday #bettereverydaypodcast #hangrybook #hangrybitches #hangrybitchesplan #hormones #pcos #fivepillars #fivehabits

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  • I love a good mani-pedi as much as the next girl but this is a watered down idea of real self-care. ::: If I am stressed as soon as I leave and enter back into my life, if I beat myself up for not being perfect in some way despite my pretty toenails or if I am so caught up in my busy-ness that I don’t look in my daughter’s eyes, appreciate my husband for doing the dishes, if I don’t feel gratified every day or feel less than as I scroll through social media comparing myself to everyone else then I’m still not caring for myself in any real way. ::: How we do what we do matters. How we feel when we do things matters. Who we are in every moment of our lives matters. And how we talk to ourselves in our moments of failure or disappointment is when our ability to “self-care” is revealed. ::: Are we kind? Supportive? Empathetic? Encouraging? Believe we can do better but love ourselves even if not getting it 100% right this time? That’s real self-care. ::: I’m actually writing this post as I get a pedicure. My toes have been painted without fail since I was 16 💃 ::: Do the fun stuff, have a girls night, get a massage and a pedicure, but don’t mistake that for the real self-care we need to give ourselves ❤️ . . . . . #bettereveryday #beyourbestfriend #fivepillars #reaselfcare #bettereverydaypodcast #hormones #pcos #thyroid #hahsimotos #menopause #hypothyroidism #hangrybitch #hangrybitches #hangrybook

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  • What happens when we stop thinking of exercise as a punishment for what we ate or how our bodies don’t measure up what happens? Strength Empowerment Confidence Most importantly, health. ::: Our health reaps the benefits of growth hormone, better managed cortisol, improved insulin sensitivity and healthier mitochondria. ::: When we do it the other way we cause excessive stress, inflammation, tissue damage, cravings, low energy, erratic sleep, increased appetite or low appetite for protein and high appetite for all the wrong things. Maybe an injury or two to go with it and most certainly feeling like we’re never going to get there. ::: For so many woman, myself included, when weight loss was the only goal it never mattered how far I got, how many pounds I lost, how many body fat percentages I dropped it always felt like if I really tried harder I could lose just a little bit more. Instead of finally feeling happy when I lost weight I felt the same: like it still wasn’t good enough. ::: Obviously I didn’t enjoy that leaner physique much and I was terrified to miss a workout or eat the wrong things lest I gain any weight I’d worked so damn hard to lose - not to mention I had no period, a gazillion breakouts, was utterly exhausted, had a torn hamstring and a relationship that was in tatters and I hadn’t slept well in as long as I could remember. ::: Leaner, smaller, skinnier? Yes for sure. Healthier? Nope. Happier? Definitely not. This is obviously not the only outcome for exercise but when we go about it for the wrong reasons we tend to get the wrong result. 🤷‍♀️ We push when we should rest. We’re scared instead of confident. Our hormones are a wreck instead of in balance. ::: How we do what we do matters. How we feel at the gym matters. If fat loss is a goal, that’s totally fine but if what you’re going for that goal wrecks your health in the process then it’s not worth it. AND if you can gain happiness, strength, confidence, a sense of power in the process well that’s even better right? ::: As you hit the gym today or set out for a walk, check in on your motivation. Is it to be less? Or to be more of the you that’s already more than enough?

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  • My wild things. ::: Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas! Motherhood has been the hardest but best thing for me. It often feels like running on a treadmill you don’t know how to turn off. Most days I feel like it’s my first day on the job and that I’m making zero progress because as some parts get easier others get way harder. We trade late night feedings for navigating difficult friendships and building self confidence. Diaper changes for teaching boundaries, perseverance and dealing with frustration. ::: But showing up everyday to the job and gIving it my best all the while being absolutely certain I could’ve done better with them at every opportunity every single day. ::: It can feel so defeating but luckily we also get moments like this morning story time with big sister reading to little sister and it couldn’t be easier to be happy and grateful that I’m a mom. ::: Hope your people spoil you rotten today mamas! . . . . #happymothersday #mothersday #thebetterlife #bettereveryday #bettereverydaypodcast

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