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I Help Women Take Control of Their Health, Their Heads, and Their Hormones.

I work with patients worldwide via phone and Skype

Who Is Dr Brooke

I am a wife, mother, lifter of heavy weights, naturopathic and functional medicine doctor, hormone helper and above all, a woman who wants insecurities about my body to stop interfering with my happiness. More on weight loss and my story here

I have always found answering the question, “So what do you do?” so difficult because when I help a woman I do so many things! But it actually is an incredibly simple question: I teach women how their body works.

It’s my mission to help you make sense of your hormonal nuances, feel less strange about your unique symptoms (like peeing all the time or crashing every other workout unable to get back to the gym) and give you back the control of your body. After a dozen years in practice, I’ve found that when you understand rather following some list of instructions and popping a few random pills, you do BETTER. You and I are on a team.

I sometimes jokingly refer to my practice as the Land of the Misfit Hormones. The women I help are at the end of their rope, I’m often the fourth or fifth provider they’ve seen- their concerns are anything but straight forward or easy to resolve. They’ve been given band-aids by modern medicine and often a slew of supplements from Dr Google, but lack any cohesive plan or understanding of what’s underlying their issues. They are frustrated and have begun to think it’s all their fault.

Medicine and popular nutrition advice has failed women with incredibly common conditions such as PCOS, Hashimoto’s and even menopause. And the diet industry has not only failed your metabolism time and time again, it has given you failure after failure leaving you wondering, “What’s wrong with me?” or worse, “Why even try again?”. This is heartbreaking to me, but it’s not your fault.

It’s really not. It is simply that you’ve been given subpar tools to work with hormones you don’t understand. The absolutely greatest news though is that your hormones talk to you, they give you feedback all day about how they’re doing – you just have to know how to listen, how to decipher their signals. That’s my job!

My job is not only to effectively treat your complex condition but to teach you about you, to guide you on why we’re doing what we’re doing, and to bring you back: back to yourself, back on your own side – and back to living your life. Back to doing all the things you’re here to do for yourself and those you care about.

If you’re ready to understand your complex physiology in a tangible, practical way; to feel at home in your body and have the energy, mental clarity and zest you need to live your big, BETTER life let’s get to work.

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Together we are BETTER

Work One on One With Dr Brooke

Feeling frustrated with your hormones and want to feel back at home in your body? Let me help. I work with patients worldwide via phone and Skype.