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I Help Women Women Take Control of Their Health, Their Heads, and Their Hormones they can reach their fat loss goals, and finally feel at-home in their bodies. My patients have tried everything. They've hired every specialist, tried every diet, bought every new "heal your hormones" program, and they feel worse than ever. When they've all but given up, they come to me, and we work together to get them where they want to be.

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Dr. Brooke has changed my life. As a woman with PCOS and Hashimoto's, I require very nuanced nutrition and supplementation to see results. Lucky for me, Dr. Brooke has the knowledge and experience to help me minimize my symptoms and optimize my health.

- Molly Galbraith, owner, Girls Gone Strong

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  • Seasonal allergies, hay fever, sneezing, itchy and watering eyes, bee stings, hives, these are what come to mind when we think of histamine. ::: Did you know histamine has about a gagillion effects in your body? And when you don't metabolize it well it creates a host of symptoms ranging from acne to irregular and painful periods to digestive issues to acne to insomnia and irritability. And of course itchy skin. ::: There are a number of ways including environmental, infectious and genetic that can create a high histamine burden for us resulting in a number of these unpleasant symptoms and hormones disruptions. If you've been following me for a bit you know I not only help women in my practice resolve this issue but I've been in a high histamine hell recently myself. ::: Today in my blog ( I talk all about histamine intolerance, why it can be the tricky devil behind your symptoms, how it seems elusive and unpredictable at times making it hard to correlate to your issues with high histamine and what you can do about it. The post includes a free download of the exact diet I use in my practice to lessen the histamine burden coming in to your system. ::: Has anyone dealt with high histamine? Or wondered if it's behind some of your symptoms?

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  • How beautiful is that beach? You can be here. With me. And @sarah_fragoso in October. How amazing will that be? ::: @retreatsunlimited is offering $300 off through this Friday, August 18. They are also offering payment plans so get on over to the website and sign up while spots are still available! ::: Sarah and love, love, love these in person events where we can see you, talk to you and probably hug you :) And I can hardly imagine a better place to hug you all than on a Caribbean beach at this gorgeous resort @thecove_eleuthera ::: Will you join us? Use code THECOVE300 link in profile @betterbydrbrooke

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  • It's human...we wait until we get the big bad news. We wait until there's something we can no longer avoid. We wait until the storm hits to pay attention. We all do it but it's not the only way to change. ::: When you have an inkling that a habit needs reforming, when you think that symptom maybe shouldn't be ignored any longer and when you notice the small, non life threatening tolerance you put up with on a daily basis (bloating, stuffy nose, cravings, fatigue, etc.) a little more frequently, listen up. ::: This is your body and your hormones talking to you. It's a gentle nudge or hand wave or a "Hey could you pay a little attention to me over here please?" The problem is we rarely do. We rarely address the little stuff until it becomes big stuff. But it doesn't have to be that way. ::: Rather than waiting for a crisis to make change listen up, tune in, ask for help, make a step in the right direction. Maybe you don't need to hire a nutritionist or functional medicine doc - maybe you do - but when you tune in and listen, what is your body telling you it needs? And follow up question - why are you ignoring it? ::: You wouldn't tell your best friend hey I'm super busy I know your hurting but I will get back to you when I have time, how's six months sound? You'd find the time to care for her. Show yourself the same respect. ::: Change can be tough but also change happens every day. It is possible. And most importantly it can start today before crisis hits. ::: What is one thing you could do today that would move you closer to more wellness, more strength or more happiness?

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  • Exercise is some powerful medicine. In fact you can selectively alter your brain chemistry and mood depending on how specifically you exercise. ::: Heavy weight lifting boosts dopamine. I love this to spur motivation and get you unstuck when you feel like you don't know what to do next. ::: Cardio including walking boosts serotonin. This can lift your mood when you're feeling sad or down. I love a little walk or traditional cardio to give a dose of optimism. ::: Higher intensity or metabolic training will spur adrenaline, cortisol and growth hormone. This can give you a great pick me up when your energy is low. ::: This is powerful stuff but as with any great power we also have great responsibility. It is easy to abuse this power and do things to give ourselves a kick in the pants that may not be in our best interest. I know I'm guilty of doing some stair sprints when I was unsure where I would find the energy to finish my day - when what I should've done was take a nap. ::: The message looming large on the @bettereverydaypodcast has been sitting with, being with, marinating in the tough stuff rather than using things to distract from the the pain and miss the lesson. But we also need tools that help us through it when it feels like we need to get a leg up. Exercise can certainly be over done but if you really need a tool or even a temporary distraction I reckon exercise is a healthier alternative to most. ::: But do remember that HOW we do things matters as much or even more more than what we do. Not only because we can selectively alter our hormones by doing different thing but also our mindset matters as we do everything. Exercising like everything needs to be done with the right attitude: nourish not punish. ::: We don't want to snuff out our painful life experiences but if you need to clear your head so you can get back to it, exercise can be a great tool. Just be mindful that while you're working out that you are also being your best friend :)

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