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Better Everyday Podcast Episode #2: Paleo – Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

In our second episode we tackle a hot topic: Paleo. The diet that Sarah has built her platform on and Dr Brooke has been an outspoken advocate of. We dive right in with our current perspectives on the Paleo Diet – the strategy  both of us having used for years personally and professionally and how […]

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The Scale: Step On It Or Skip It?

I posted this pic several days ago on  Facebook and Instagram: I saw this silly scale at a rest area in upstate NY. There were several things about it that cracked me up: One, that your weight is your lucky number. Weight is definitely a number, but unfortunately most women don’t feel lucky about the […]

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What’s Causing Your Cold Hands & Feet?

Are your hands perpetually chilly? Do your cold toes want to be inside a pair of Uggs year round? Does your sweetie shiver when you grab their hand with your chilly mitt? Or do they shy away from you in bed when you want to snuggle cuz your ice cold toes make them want to […]

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Honey, Not Tonight….5 Reasons For Low Libido In Women

Testosterone is the hormone comes to mind when we think about a lack luster sex drive, and it is certainly a player – especially for women in perimenopause and post menopause.  However, Mr. T far from the only hormonal or metabolic issue that can make us feel less than frisky. It’s also not typically low […]

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A Guide To Gratitude

It’s that time of year for your Facebook feed to fill up with gratitude challenges and our good friend “Thank You” gets some much deserved play. I love gratitude. It may be the first personal development tool that I really took to almost twenty years ago – I’m pretty sure I heard about it from […]

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3 Things To Boost Your Thyroid WITHOUT Taking More Medication

All too often when your thyroid labs come back low you’re given a new prescription for a higher dose of medication.  Sometimes this is indeed necessary, but there are many reasons why your T3 (active thyroid hormone) is low – and it may have nothing to do with your dose of medication. T3 is the […]

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The Most Underrated Tool For Customizing Your Carb Intake

Testing your blood sugar at home is a completely underutilized tool for customizing your diet. The meter will set you back a few bucks and it’s not totally painless, but after taking it for just a few days you’ll have a whole new understanding of one of your main metabolic hormones: insulin. Insulin is hardly […]

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Dr Brooke’s Travel & Home Workout Must Haves

I’ve you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know I’ve had the great fortune to be traveling a bit Upstate to Lake George this summer. In the past, vacation meant for me the best of intentions on Day 1 and then after a couple days of less than perfect eating and maybe too much wine […]

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Why Don’t I Look Like Her? How To Stop Comparing

Yesterday I made the point that we can’t simply look at another woman’s body, dig up what she does in the gym and in the kitchen, follow it and expect to get her results. It simply doesn’t work as we are all so individual. We’ve all done it. We see a woman with the legs, […]

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“I’ll Have What She’s Having” Is Not A Great Fat Loss Plan

You’ve done it, I’ve done it. We look at someone that has the body we want and we think, “I’ll just do what they’re doing.” We fantasize that if we follow her exact diet and workout regimen that our body will eventually look just like hers. And it’s no wonder we’ve adopted this nonsense approach, […]

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