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Brooke Kalanick ND, MS, LAc


A recognized expert and author in the field of natural medicine and fitness, Dr Brooke is a licensed naturopathic doctor devoted to helping women achieve a healthy weight and a happy state of well being through her integrative and holistic approach to health. Using tailored nutrition therapy, coaching and a comprehensive naturopathic and functional medicine approach, she helps women heal their metabolism and restore their hormonal balance.

Dr Brooke specializes in stubborn fat loss, thyroid disorders(particularly Hashimoto’s disease), Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and other female hormone issues. A large part of her expertise is in helping women recover their very damaged metabolisms and psyches after years of failed dieting. As a former serial dieter who has struggled with her own body image, Dr. Brooke pairs her own seasoned insight with her specialized medical expertise to help hundreds of women hop off the hamster wheel of calorie restriction, hunger, bingeing, and over-exercising—all of which erode self-esteem, wreak havoc on hormones and worst of all, leave women feeling they’ve failed yet again.

Her brand BETTER is about doing something, even when you can’t do everything. Knowing that working out and eating well needs to be about nourishment, not punishment. Reminding women, that when they mess up it doesn’t mean they should give up – between perfection and giving up, there’s BETTER.

Her book, Ultimate You, co-authored with celebrity trainer Joe Dowdell, offers the latest in nutritional and exercise science to help women lose body fat by understanding their hormones. In her clinical practice, Dr. Brooke identifies each patient’s unique dietary needs and metabolic makeup in order to develop a customized plan for fat loss, hormonal balance, and most importantly, feeling better about themselves. After many years of experience, she’s found that giving someone the plan is the easiest part – ensuring them implement is is the hard part. Dr Brooke bridges this gap between knowing better and doing better by helping her clients implement successful habit change, create a positive mindset and stop clinging to the impossible quest for “perfect” that keeps them from making progress towards their best.

Beyond her specialties, Dr Brooke has expertise sleep and mood disorders; diabetes and skin issues; as well as stress management; and infertility. With a partially completed doctorate in pharmacy, Dr. Brooke is well-versed in Western medical treatments and prescription medications.

A regular contributor to the media, Dr. Brooke has appeared on Martha Stewart Living Radio and various television appearances on Veria Living. She regularly consults for a variety of print and online publications including iVillage, Livestrong.com, Women’s Health Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Allure and Health Magazine.
Dr. Brooke earned a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine from Bastyr University, the leading institution training primary care physicians in alternative medicine. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her comedian husband and their two daughters, Lola and newborn Gigi. She’s currently at work on her next book.


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