Are You Ready To Lose Weight?

May 21, 2015
Why Stress Causes Fat Gain

There are two perfectly great answers to this question.

Answer #1: Yes! Great.

From this place you’re ready to rock. You’re motivated – or better yet, you’re inspired. You’ve got your plan or you’re ready to find the person to give you one. You’re fired up and you’re in the right mindset for success.

I agree, you’re ready. So go! Don’t delay, seize this moment and go. Be successful.

Answer #2: No. Great.

Yes I say great here as well because if you’re not ready there’s no use diving into a new plan. If you aren’t all in you’ll make it a few weeks, maybe a month or two and since your heart wasn’t in it or you started it at a time when other commitments and life overload almost certainly guaranteed you couldn’t pull it off. And I know one more failed diet for any of us is not going to help anything. If you’re not ready right now (or ever) that’s OK.

I teach that life is on a spectrum: sometimes your focus is on weight loss, sometimes it’s not. Our sole focus just can’t be weight loss at every turn, our lives are bigger than that. When you’re ready to get to it I hope you tool around this blog and get the info you need to be successful (or of course, email me).

However, if right now your answer is no, let me ask you a couple questions: If not now, when? Will there actually be a better time around the corner? Will life really “calm down” in a bit – or will you sooner or later have to make room for this (if it’s your WANT)? If not, why? Are you actually happier at your current weight/size that you want to admit?

I honestly hear this a lot from women I worked with. Their energy is awesome, symptoms resolved, they are strong in the gym and they have lost a bit (or a lot) of weight but they aren’t yet at the original goal they set with me….and turns out, they are totally fine with that.

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We often feel so much pressure from outside ourselves to look a certain way that we block ourselves from actually being really satisfied with where we actually are. Maybe what it would take to get through that last stretch, those last 5-10 pounds or so just isn’t worth the time or effort it takes from the rest of your life. And guess what? That’s actually totally up to you!

Maybe your perfect body is a bit different than you imagined now that you’re there. Your answer to “If not now, why?” could be so many things ranging from too busy, to scary or just too much. But take the time to dig a little deep on this one. And if you uncover fear, maybe re-think this one – cuz you are indeed stronger than you think. You have more support than you think. You have more answers than you realize. And while I think “No, not now” is a perfectly good answer to my initial question: are you ready for weight loss, these are important questions to answer honestly.

They are important because either the answers make you more comfortable and confident in your “No, not now” stance OR if you don’t like the answers to these questions the time may actually be now, you may actually be ready. But if you find you are indeed not ready now then you have two choices: do nothing or do something.

If it feels right to do nothing, then by all means cross “lose weight now” off your to do list and drop any guilt. Own your choice and get back to doing the things that DO FEEL RIGHT to do right now.

If you decide now is not the time to grab a new diet book or find a new gym, how do you feel about the idea of at least doing something? Would even a small step in the right direction be helpful? Does that feel good?

Sometimes it’s just not the right time to commit to a big goal like losing weight, getting totally off gluten, saying good bye to wine or sugar, taking up a new exercise regimen….but what if you did something? What if you did those seemingly no-brainer things that fall by the way side like more sleep, more water, less sugar or eating more regularly? How about adding veggies to your breakfast and snacks? How about adopting a more loving, positive attitude about your body?

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I stand by what I said at the beginning of this article: either answer is perfectly fine, but I know too that we often underestimate ourselves. There may be even a little room for a little step towards feeling BETTER in your skin. Overwhelm is unnecessary 🙂 As I’m fond of saying, “If you can’t do everything, don’t do nothing, at least do something.” Like what you see here? Get my weekly email where we talk more mindset, hormones and happiness.

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