Day 17 – I Am Inspired To Pay Attention!

December 17, 2010

When we are feeling overwhelmed or down about ourselves or our bodies well, we need a little love. And sometimes we don’t know where to find it so the feeling down, alone and unsupported perpetuates. Our girlfriends are busy, our beau is out of town (if there is one) and our boss is cranky….where’s the love people?? It’s there – we just have to pay attention. Right now, look around and see all the love, support and inspiration coming to you. Seriously, look right now. Take stock of just how much you have to feel great about. I wasn’t feeling particulary down today, just a little under the weather, but in a matter of about three minutes, here’s what I saw:  My Yogi tea bag – It says, ” Be proud of who you are.” Thanks little tea bag guru, I think I will.

Taryn and Darcy.

My marketing – Feel better, look better, be better. I am wrapping up my new website and my messaging makes me glow.  I love it! I finally feel I’ve found my message, my voice and my place. I feel at home. This message was crafted with help from two of my favorite people: Taryn and Darcy. Thinking of them makes me glow a little too. My Facebook email – Last night I got a message from one of my best friends from high school thanking me for my  blogs. She told me which ones resonated with her and that she appreciated my health tips. And the sweetest part? She said she feels like she’s getting to know me all over again. Thanks Kristin! My Facebook wall – A quick glance shows people saying thank you for inspiring them and that me just being me is the “best”. I was late to the Facebook bandwagon but I really love feeling connected to people I otherwise would feel distant from. Be it colleagues, old friends or new friends – it’s been great. My photos – The picture on our shelf of my grandparents’ tiny homestead. Reminds me of my roots and that I’ve come a very long way!

My Grandparents’ homestead in Montana.

My website testimonials tab– My new site is nearly up and I have the sweetest list of testimonials from patients I’ve helped.  My perfectionist issue makes me feel as though I need to “win ‘em all” – and medicine and weight loss simply don’t work that way.  It’s nice to be reminded of the difference I’ve made.

Our first NYC Christmas. Joe gave me these gloves embroidered with “Dr. Kickass”.

My cell phone – I still have the very first text message Joe sent me over 5 years ago. It reminds me how lucky I am to have such a great relationship and of all that we’ve accomplished and endured together since we moved to NYC. My book shelf – Glancing over and seeing a book I wrote sitting on the shelf next to my collection of nutrition books from my heroes…wow. I don’t give it enough credence to. 2010 – the year I published a book! My tea cup – I’m on day 3 of no coffee….and actually, by some miracle, I’m feeling fine.  Coffee and I do fine in a casual relationship, but I tend to make it serious and end up having too much and feeling like garbage.  Could I be learning moderation? My bottle of herbs for this cold I’m fighting – I am so grateful for natural medicine and that I can keep myself well in a way that I feel very confident, passionate and excited about.  I am actually stimulating my own body’s capacity to fight this virus instead of simply taking a decongestant to treat a symptom. My schedule – Up this afternoon: weekly call with my new project group – Nourishing Women. To know I’m worthy of being a part of this smart, fit, amazing group of women makes my heart swell.

My fridge – It’s stocked with fresh veggies and lean proteins, just waiting for me to eat well.
My yoga mat – Rolled up there in the corner, ready for me to heal my low back and hip. And with it right here at arms length I don’t even have to venture out on this chilly December day in Manhattan!
My box of Christmas presents to be mailed – I not only get to spend this Christmas with Joe’s wonderful family, but my brother, sister in law and my sweet niece will be joining us in Seattle. I can hardly contain myself I’m so excited!

My brother’s first Christmas. When asked what I thought of him, apparently I said, “He’s just what I wanted.”

Whether you’re feeling down, overwhelemed or just because – look around at your space and your life and see all the love and support coming to you. It’s all there, just waiting to help you feel better. So pay attention!

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