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1 in 8 women are suffering from hypothyroidism and nearly 90% of that is autoimmune based, a condition called Hashimoto’s. (Autoimmune diseases cause the body to attack normal tissues, such as the thyroid gland, that it’s inappropriately identified as foreign, i.e. not part of you).

Unfortunately, this is one condition that is simply not being managed well for most women. Even if their thyroid issue has been identified – although many times women are told they are “fine” based on lab tests but they have the entire litany of low thyroid symptoms – most are still suffering. As well, the autoimmune component is being overlooked entirely.The thyroid is the gas pedal of your metabolism, if it’s not being stepped on and not pumping out fuel and that fuel is not getting to the engine, you’re going to be stalled in your weight loss and feeling tired, cloudy headed and depressed. All the while your periods can be painful and abnormal, your hair is falling out and you just don’t feel like yourself.

Typical management is with medications that replace thyroid hormones. These may be synthetic or natural and there’s great debate over what’s best. But the bigger issue is that there are many, many steps that need to be supported as a hormone, whether made by the body or taken in pill form, gets processed in the liver, gets transported to the cell, enters the cell and bind internal receptors and cause a result.

As you can see, there’s lots of room for error – and lots of room for nutritional support and better thyroid function.

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Could You Have a Thyroid Issue?

It’s not simply hypothryoidism anymore – we know better and for you, we need to do better.

If you are suspicious that you have a thyroid issue, are on thyroid medication, or if you suffer from any of the following symptoms your thyroid is not being adequately managed:

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