Better Everyday #47 Electromagnetic Frequencies with Dr Libby Darnell

June 1, 2017

Eeek! This was an informative episode to say the least but your palms may get a little sweaty listening to our guest discuss the impacts of EMFs or electromagnetic frequencies that are buzzing around all of us all the time. We discussed common sources of EMFs in our homes and workplaces, some very simple strategies to decrease their impact and we pondered what makes some of us more sensitive than others to these little buggers.

Dr Libby Darnell

Dr Libby Darnell was our guest and she has developed an incredible expertise on this subject after fighting her own battle to win back her health that was deteriorating in part to her sensitivity to EMFs.

This was fascinating information and it’s stuff so many of us are unaware of! Are EMFs driving us all to an early grave?

Probably not, but they are affecting us and it’s something we can take actionable, doable steps towards decreasing to optimize our health and certainly something we may want to think of in chronic illnesses that don’t seem to be getting better.

So tune in and learn about grounding or earthing, why you shouldn’t work on a plugged in laptop or sleep next to a plugged in smart phone, safer travel tips, what the heck a Stetzer meter is and why you may want to stand on a piece of tinfoil for a minute after you run on the treadmill.

Seriously fascinating. Like always, knowing this stuff can easily freak us out! But this is the world we live in, we can’t possibly escape this entirely so you do as much as you can as often as you can. That’s how you “be better”.

Learn more about Dr Libby Darnell here and grab her free guide with 10 steps you can do to keep you and your family safe from EMFs. Such great info and easy to employ all of these without moving to a remote mountain village away from civilization!

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