Better Everyday #52 Krista Scott-Dixon Explains Why Me Want Eat

June 29, 2017

She’s back and it’s not hard to see why she’s a fav guest of the show! Dr Krista Scott-Dixon of and Precision Nutrition has a new book that poses an interesting question:

Why Me Want Eat? What drives us to eat certain things and why do we struggle to change certain food related behaviors?

While not all of us have experienced full blown, clinical eating disorders we are all members in one way or another of the Food & Eating & Body Image Issues Club. KSD explains why it’s not always easy to give up our membership card – even if we want to. There’s comfort, certainty and even a clinging to  our issues, our “stuff” and these are darn good reasons not to change.

She points out that our stuff doesn’t always come at the hand of some Big T –  big trauma like abuse, injury or major loss. Many of us haven’t suffered a huge trauma but rather have dealt with the constant, small, emotional paper cuts of life.

Either way, food, body image and exercise “stuff” is prevalent and Krista’s advice is always sound, slightly humorous and if followed allows us all to make change easier and make it stick. We adore her, tune in to see why.

Check out the book here.

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From Dr Brooke:

Krista has such a gift for taking high level, researched concepts and making them understandable and doable, but my favorite gem from her book was to survey the emotions and roles we play in the movie of our own lives. Are there some that just urk you? If so, maybe those are the ones to take a closer look at, heal and transform. Are there roles that you just don’t want to play anymore? Ask where they came from and consider letting them go, casting someone else in that role if necessary but most importantly getting you out of it. And finally, what does your most resilient future self look like? Trust you’re morphing to her as we speak. Consider her perspective and what she would want you to do today to Be BETTER 🙂

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