Better Everyday #54 Sex Drive, Libido & Hormones with Dr Anna Cabeca

July 17, 2017

Listen up ladies it’s about to get good! We get so many questions about sex drive and libido that we went straight to THE expert on this issue, OBGYN Dr Anna Cabeca.

We dug deep into this topic from all angles including how sex drive and libido change throughout a woman’s lifespan and life circumstances ranging from childbirth, clearing age 35 and of course menopause. Woman’s hormones are so easily affected by stress and our current crazy environment of endocrine disruptors that it’s easy for sex drive to take a dive. And so often it’s a symptom we think can wait “until we have time” or “until life calms down” but it puts such a strain on our sense of self, our comfort with our bodies and of course our relationship.

We covered testing you need to get to the “why” behind your low libido and hint: the first test Dr Cabeca and Dr Brooke recommend is not testosterone!

Dr Cabeca talks about both the primary and secondary libido mechanisms we all have and why secondary is actually more important for women. And she shares why a woman’s orgasm is like a game of Candyland. Trust us, you’ll want to have a notebook handy for this episode!

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From Dr Brooke

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