Better Everyday #55 Anniversary Edition: Recap Of Our 5 Most Downloaded Episodes + Big News!

July 20, 2017

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our podcast just turned a year old and without you all, well we’d just be talking to ourselves!

But seriously, we are here for you so you all being here with us on this journey warms our hearts and we’re so grateful. Because of your support, comments, questions and reaching out we’ve been able to create something for you all. Tune in to hear the big, big news!

In this episode we share this wonderful secret that we’re so thrilled to be able to finally let you on as well as revisit our top five most downloaded shows which clearly showed a trend: women and stress! It’s serendipity as that’s the exact topic that brought us together in the first place. Tune into this very special episode and we’ll be back next week with the lowdown on ketogenic diets. Stay tuned and we love you!

From Dr Brooke

Well as you can see from our excitement this is a big episode! To celebrate our one year mark with such an amazing opportunity is almost too much.

To thank you all as well as mark this event knowing how far I’ve come I wanted to give you all a gift! Until August 19, 2019 my flagship mindset program Master Your Misery Makers is 100% FREE ($37 value). I will share the exact tools I honed with myself and my patients to master such miserable mindset as comparison, guilt, unfairness and more to make your journey of health and weight loss one of love, nourishment and sanity.  Grab the program today and follow along on social media using #masteryoumiserymakers

As always, send us your questions or show topic requests to! Follow us on Facebook together or keep up with Dr Brooke here and Sarah here. Learn more about working with Dr Brooke at and with Sarah at (obviously). Oh and you can find Dr Brooke and Sarah on Instagram as well. The podcast is on IG too!

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