Better Everyday #76 Sarah & Dr Brooke Talk Wine with Todd White Of Dry Farms Wines

February 10, 2018

In this episode we were lucky enough to have wine enthusiast and entrepreneur, Todd White of Dry Farm Wines, the only health quantified wine club in the world.

What this means is that their wines have no sugar, are low alcoholer, are keto-diet and Paleo friendly and boast no headache and no hangover. We know women are especially sensitive to sleep disruptions, headaches, sniffles and generally feeling like garbage when they drink wine – especially over the age of 40.

In this show we not only talk about the biogenic amines in most wines that give women so much grief but how wine is made with a staggering amount of additives that can add to the negative impact of wine for women. And Todd shares his approach to drinking wines with food, small pours, good conversation and the notion that wine can help us be more present instead of the common notion that wine is a distraction or a way to escape stress and overwhelm. Super interesting episode, we hope you love it!

As if chatting about wine with us wasn’t enough

Check out Dry Farms Wines using this link and learn about their wines, how to get healthier wine delivered right to your door as well as how to snag a bottle of wine for just a penny! Check it out here.

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