Better Everyday #78 Abuse & Chronic Illness With Dr Meg Haworth

February 10, 2018

Warning: this episode does deal with the subject of sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

In this episode we are joined by the lovely Dr Meg Haworth who has personally and professionally dealt with all of the various forms of abuse.

Having been abused as a child, nearly downed, struck by lightning it’s no wonder her professional path led to a PhD in Interpersonal Psychology so she can help other women that have survived abuse as well. We touched on which type of chronic health issues in adulthood are correlated with which specific types of abuse from childhood as well as how we can best support abuse survivors whether that be ourselves or other women we care about. And of course we talked a ton about self-care for all of us, abused or not.

Tune in to this powerful episode. Learn more about Dr Meg Haworth here.

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