Better Everyday #79 The Dirt Cure with Dr Maya Shetreat-Klien

February 10, 2018

Drum roll please…….our year-long inner circle coaching program is open!

That’s right you can spend twelve whole months with us and amazing, strong, women just like you who want to make 2018 their best year yet. This program includes weekly coaching with us, monthly webinars on hormones, on demand exercise form coaching, recipes, meditations, mantras and much, much more! Find out more and get signed up here.

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Ok on to the podcast….

An integrative pediatric neurologist, herbalist, weight lifter and mama of three joins us today –  and yes she is just as cool as she sounds! – to talk about feeding our kiddos well even if they are super, duper picky, why we need to get more outside time and “forest bathe” as well as what good stuff awaits us in dirt/soil that boost our brain and immune system.  Moms you won’t want to miss this episode!

Learn more about Dr Maya Shetreat here.

For more about working with Dr Brooke at and with Sarah at (obviously). Oh and you can find Dr Brooke and Sarah on Instagram as well. The podcast is on IG now too! Loving the show? Please give us a review over at iTunes! We would be so grateful for you taking the time to leave us a little love.

Keep those questions coming to!

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