Better Everyday #84 Cortisol Testing, Your Own Hormone Talk and Intermittent Fasting

March 10, 2018

We’re back with Q&A today and our first one was a doozy! We discussed what a saliva cortisol panel can and can’t tell you, when you should be digging into the deeper causes or stress vs. when it’s more related to lifestyle and how to know if your stress management tools like exercise may be causing MORE stress.

We recapped what our ACES (appetite, cravings, energy and sleep) acronym is all about and how it’s the language of your hormones so we need to tune in and heed that message! In the case of this question her hormones were saying peanut butter and chocolate chips,  other days they say wine, but either way they are signals we can use to do better and stop fighting our hormones. We also tackled a great question on PCOS and intermittent fasting.

This stuff is our life’s work ladies!

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