Better Everyday #86 Endometriosis, Adaptogens, Autoimmunity and Giving Up Our Biggest Vices

June 26, 2018

Answering some great hormone questions today!

We covered the most important thing you can do for endometriosis when it comes to diet and lifestyle, which adaptogen to take for which specific issue and how to reframe stepping away from your beloved coffee, wine, sugar or other pleasure when you know it’s not working for you anymore.

This can be so tough! We share what has worked for us and for countless women when something is just really darn hard to walk away from.

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A common theme in this episode is inflammation

Notes from Dr Brooke: As you’ve likely heard me say, “inflammation is the great hormone mess maker”. When it comes to longer term stress it both breeds inflammation and inflammation is a stressor – so it’s a vicious cycle. Adaptogens most certainly help us “adapt” through stressful times but while we’re using them to get through it’s wise to suss out the source of your stress and see if inflammation may be one of them. A test called hs-CRP (we want a value no higher than 1.0) is readily available from your doc.

When it comes to our vices, they frequently are inflammatory for us causing bloating or digestive issues, skin breakouts, headaches, stuffy noses, cravings or drive stress themselves as in the case of caffeine. When a food doesn’t’ work for us, the symptoms vary but the fall out of inflammation is universal. 

W talked about endometriosis specifically in this show and that is a hormonal imbalance with inflammation at its crux – yet it’s rarely addressed that way.

Of course we want to temper the estrogen dominance in this condition and minimize symptoms, but a lower stress lifestyle, a low inflammatory diet and even supplements to low inflammation will go a long way to not only manage symptoms such as pain and bloating but gets more at the root cause.

Some super easy ways to lower inflammation are get enough rest, don’t over or under exercise (walking, proper strength training, etc.) and eat food that works for you, avoiding what doesn’t!

As well we can all benefit from a pound of veggies per day, high quality animal protein (such as this) and avoiding the most inflammatory foods in our modern world such as processed or packaged foods and anything with processed seed oils (sunflower, safflower) and canola oil. We can’t always get it perfect but we can always try to do BETTER!

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