Better Everyday #89 Amy Medling The PCOS Diva Talks About Her New Book: Healing PCOS.

June 26, 2018

Today we had the passionate about PCOS

Sweet and smart PCOS Diva herself: Amy Medling join us on the show! We talked about the key mindsets that will help you manage your PCOS for the long haul as well as a look at her new book out May 2, 2018.

Listen in as we share our own experiences with PCOS both personally and with the clients we help and learn more about Amy’s new book – Healing PCOS: A 21-Day Plan for Reclaiming Your Health and Life with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Learn more about Amy’s work and get her book with some free bonuses here.

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Notes from Dr Brooke: If you’ve been listening to the show, following me on social media (here or here) you know there’s been a whole heck of a lot going on with me professionaly and personal. I’ve really felt like I’ve been under the gun here for several months and having had some effective tools has made all the difference. I honestly don’t know what kind of shambles my marriage would be in, my body owudl be in or my mental state would be in without them!

If you haven’t downloaded our 5 Pillars PDF you can grab that for free here.

This guide gives you the big picture and the specific tools under each pillar: find and commit to what works for you, opt out of overwhelm, full engagement living, be your best friend and be who you are.

This is your starting point: learning this 5 Pillar system and then practicing those tools.

Had all this stuff happened when I first started using these tools a few years ago in this format I would’ve done better than say Dr Brooke seven years ago for sure! But I’d be nowhere near as good as I am with them today because every day (OK most days) since Sarah and I honed this system I’ve ben putting in my reps.

Just like at the gym, I flexed that muscle and did my reps every day. This build strength with these tools so that eventually you don’t’ have to ask “what was that opt out of overwhelm tactic again? Oh yeah, gratitude, I better find my gratitude journal STAT.” Instead you’ll be living your day to day life from that place, from a perspective of gratitude.

Living from gratitude is just one example of how this 5 Pillar system will start to permeate your life – but when it does life gets a lot easier! So practice these tools everyday as best you can, put in your reps. You’re getting stronger.

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