Dr Broke Show #297 Emotional Eating and Trauma

December 12, 2022

I’m joined for this episode by Galina Denzel, author of the amazing, interactive book “Peace with Self, Peace with Food: A Trauma Healing Approach for Emotional Eating”. We dive into how past events can leave us vying for distraction, safety and even control when we experience everyday stresses from the big to the small. Many of us soothe that stress with emotional eating, never fully understanding that it’s not a lack of willpower or acknowledging that nothing is wrong with us, we are unhealed in some way and self-medicating or self-soothing it with food, wine, etc.

In this show we talk about how your brain gets a bit rewired from trauma and how certain aspects of eating, like crunching (who knew??) can be so stress relieving making it no wonder so many of us turn to food to feel better when we’re under stress, in pain or otherwise hurt or out of sorts.

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