Dr Brooke Show #232 The Gut Hormone Connection

August 31, 2021

You’ve heard me say it a million times (and other experts too, I’m sure): gut health is so important!

The health, diversity and robustness of your gut microbiome profoundly impacts your immune hormones and vice versa. In fact, there are several hormones made right in your gut! And the hormones made elsewhere like in your adrenals, thyroid or ovaries have a bidirectional communication with your gut microbiome.

There’s so much we don’t know about the microbiome and it’s easy to get off in the weeds focusing on one particular strain of probiotic or one common gut disruption, but the truth is we do know a lot and most importantly we know the key things to focus on to improve your gut and thus your hormones.  In this episode, I dive into how your gut health and hormones interact when it comes to metabolism, estrogen balance, thyroid hormones and more.

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