Dr Brooke Show #246 How To Have Happier Holidays

April 4, 2022
Dr Brooke

Such a busy time of year and it can bring with it so much stress around food, exercise, how to fit in your self-care and a host of complicated feelings around family and obligations. But it can also be a time to focus on joy, gratitude, giving and connection which are all great for your hormones!.

In this episode I break down a lot of popular nutrition and exercise advice that comes up this time of year from how to eat the day of big celebrations like the upcoming Thanksgiving (for my US listeners) and I answer questions from listeners about navigating the hustle and bustle, how to prioritize anchor habits that help you feel better vs. feeling lost in the woods until the New Year and why you need to have your stress management on point and planned out ahead of time to have a happier holidays!

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