Dr Brooke Show #247 Happy Thanksgiving with Sarah Fragoso

April 4, 2022
Sarah Fragoso

She’s back! Well just for this episode, but still a big cause to be grateful!  Sarah joins me today to share an update with how she’s been since she stepped away from our podcast and our other projects to tend to her health, her family and her gym in Chico, CA. We open up about how we both wished we could’ve done better with the changes this all brought to our friendship and partnership, how hard the past couple of years have been and how we’re now, finally thriving on the other side of it.

It was so fun to have Sarah back! Give a listen and know we are both so grateful to have had you all along for this wild ride that was the Sarah & Dr Brooke Show and Hangry. And I am even more grateful for sharing with you all whatever comes next!

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