Dr Brooke Show #250 New Year, Better You

April 20, 2022
Dr Brooke

Happy New Year! In this episode we’ll ring in a more gentle approach to the New Year New You buzz that allows a bit more time and space for growth and real-self care. I share a few things I learned in 2021, how I’m approaching the new year and give you a host of new tools for the five mindset and perspective tools from my book Hangry, known as the Five Pillars.

You can download a free guide to the Five Pillars here and if you haven’t read Hangry yet, find that anywhere books are sold!

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Whether we’re “grasping happiness each day” or finding that just for joy hobby to be more of who you are or creating a life we don’t need to escape or distract from, this episode is chock full of support. Happy 2022!

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