Dr Brooke Show #261 Unfollow Your Passion with Terri Trespicio

May 30, 2022
Terri Trespicio

Calling all entrepreneurs or anyone who is trying to up their game with their work and creativity! My good friend Terri Trespicio always has a fresh approach on things and in her new book Unfollow Your Passion she teaches us what we need to focus on to be more creative, more successful, to find our groove with work and most importantly: to create a life that matters to YOU.

In usual Terri fashion, it’s not the same old simplistic hustle harder advice you’ve heard before. In this episode we talk about why your comfort zone may be exactly where you need to be and the advice to “step out of your comfort zone” is outdated and not ideal for women, what you should follow instead of your passion and a load of other amazing tips for women entrepreneurs and creatives.

Learn more about Terri and her book here.

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