Dr Brooke Show #264 ANNOUNCEMENT! Introducing A Little Bit Better by Dr Brooke

May 30, 2022
Dr Brooke

Hello my beloved listeners, I have something new for you! While the longer episodes of the Dr Brooke Show where I take deep dives into health and hormone topics and interview amazing guest will still be delivered weekly, I’ve got something new for you!

Starting tomorrow I’m going to be adding short, mini episodes weekly called” A Little Bit Better with Dr Brooke”. These smaller episodes will be easy for you to listen to when you don’t have time for a full episode, will hopefully spark insight into health and habit challenges you’re having, may include case studies from my practice or questions from you all, or they will include tips, tricks, products I’m loving and of course my perspective on mindset and happiness.

They will be practical and bite sized and my hope is they give you a little bit more from me each week to help you live your bigger, BETTER life!.

I can’t wait to hear what you think! If you’re enjoying them please leave a review or join the conversation in my private, free Facebook group.

In your corner,

Dr Brooke

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