Dr Brooke Show #266 Muscle, Strength Training & Fat Loss

May 30, 2022
Dr Brooke

In this episode I talk about why I’m such an advocate for both strength training for women – and it’s not just about body composition and preventing osteoporosis. Muscle mass is your metabolism to a large degree and it’s a key player as an endocrine and immune organ. You read that right! Muscles make hormones called myokines that have a huge impact in systemic inflammation thus are key to your overall health and hormone balance.

But how about if you’re wanting to lose body fat, should you be focusing on cardio or weights? While cardio does burn fat during your session it’s a lot more complicated than that so I cover how to strike a balance but most importantly why you can’t rely on exercise alone for fat loss. We must get rid of the idea that exercise can simply just “burn it off”.

Lastly, I cover the barriers we have to lifting weights be it know how, logistics or of course: not enough time!

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