Dr Brooke Show #276 Do You Need Food Sensitivity Testing? Pt. 1

July 20, 2022


I get asked this question daily, both in my practice and in my online community. It’s a great question because it seems like the perfect answer to alleviate digestive symptoms, skin troubles, low energy, blood sugar and hormone problems right? Just take a test and tell me what to eat! I get it and they can be really helpful BUT there are a ton of problems with these tests. 


You need to know what type of reaction you’re actually testing (allergy vs. sensitivity), the labs need to be using the proper methodology (hint: most of them are not), they can’t test for every type of food reaction (i.e.bloating can be caused by a gut infection, low HCL or a food sensitivity and only one of those will show up on a test) AND you need to understand where food sensitivities fit in your overall treatment plan. Food Issues do cause a host of inflammatory issues but they are often a symptom and not a root cause so just “getting your food sensitivities” checked and get off that food forever isn’t usually the best approach.

I will tell you all about why in this 3 part series!


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