Dr Brooke Show #279 Is Your To Do List Wrecking Your Hormones?

August 3, 2022


That stack of papers to file, the list of phone calls to make, the light bulb that needs to be changed, that conversation you’ve had in your head a hundred times but are avoiding having in person, that list of things you need to get to but it just seems to awful you keep pretending it will go away – did you know those are impacting your brain and your hormones?


Our brain will continue to keep these undone tasks as an “open loop” and sucking up your mental energy and willpower until it’s done. Draining dopamine which can certainly impact you motivation to workout and have you craving sugar and things that don’t work well for you. As well your cortisol will be on the rise and impacting your anxiety, sleep and of course, your other hormones like progesterone and thyroid.

I talk about how this all works in your brain and some strategies to clear your desk, handle that mental clutter and keep it from getting built up again in the future to decrease your overwhelm and make your hormones a bit happier.

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