Dr Brooke Show #284 What Is Crisis Fatigue & Why The Last 2 Years Have Been So Hard On Our Hormones

August 31, 2022


If you’ve wanted to say “Uncle” at any point in the last two years, you are not alone and honestly, who could blame you? It’s been a lot. And then it has been a lot more! Not only have we had repeated stressors one after another – and big ones too like a pandemic, warring countries, racial and political tension and a looming recession – but there has also been ongoing uncertainty and overwhelm hanging over us like a big, gray storm cloud.


The stressors keep coming and we have had no time to recover before the next blow, it’s no wonder we are seeing more anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive issues and a host of inflammatory issues and of course our female hormones are caught in this crossfire as well. In this episode I talk about why we need to prioritize and literally run to our self-care practices, shore up any stresses we can and find ways to recover from this ongoing stress. I also share some lesser known options for your stress response beyond the common fight or flight such as the Challenge Response and Tend and Befriend. We have choices and we have more power than it seems.


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