Dr Brooke Show #293 What Should You Eat For Breakfast?

December 12, 2022

I get this question daily: Dr Brooke, what are good breakfast options? Given that breakfast sets the nutritional tone and hormonal balance for the day, the old adage that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” does hold some weight. Some of the biggest issues for women include getting adequate protein to not perturb insulin and blood sugar for the day and get a jump on that 1g per kg body weight of protein goal for the day; as well as needing quick options and also how to deal with low appetite (particularly for protein) upon waking that can be due to cortisol, blood sugar or inflammation.

This episode will help you understand why this meal needs to be optimized for your hormones, some easy options and of course, what I do too to make this happen in my busy life. Hopefully by the end of this episode you’ll think of breakfast as less “special” with its unique foods and have some easy ideas to make your first meal of the day a great one.

At the recommended 1g per kg of body weight, most women struggle to get in adequate protein each day or aim to supplement with products that are not the right blend of essentials amino acids to get the job done (i.e. collagen, bone broth protein, BCAA powders, etc.) With your body being 50% amino acids plus the uphill battle most women face after age 30 to hold on to their lean mass, using a properly blended, complete amino acid blend like those from KION will be a game changer for your health, energy and metabolism. Learn more and save a generous 20% off one of my favorite new products: the Kion Aminos

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This episode is also sponsored by Organifi whose green juice is my absolute favorite on the market. It’s certified USDA organic, contains 11 superfoods including the heavy hitters spirulina and matcha, includes 600mg of ashwaganda and is a great boost of antioxidants for better energy, less brain fog and better exercise recovery. Save 20% with code BETTEREVERYDAY at checkout

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