Dr Brooke Show #294 The Key To A Great Morning Routine

December 12, 2022

On the heels of the last episode on breakfast, I put together and entire episode on morning routines. So much of what you read about morning routines are very complex, specific and time consuming leaving most of us feeling like we fail before we even get our day started. Not at all how we should feel going into our day! And in the wellness space your morning to do list is no better: light exposure, meditate, cold plunge, exercise, fasting, delaying caffeine, etc. 

In this episode I talk about how to figure out which morning habits will give your hormones and physiology the most benefit and which ones you can save for later – if at all. I also talk about knowing what is your “one thing” that you should aim for even if the rest of the routine falls apart – as it inevitably does! And I share my “one thing”, why I think it’s more about how you feel than what you do first thing in the AM and the importance of letting your routine evolve as your goals/priorities change. 

This episode is sponsored by the incredible, wildcrafted, full spectrum NED hemp oil with their growing line of products including formulas for female hormone balance, my personal fav the Sleep Blend and their new De-Stress Blend with ashwaganda, cinnamon and cardamom…yum! Save 15% on your first order with code BETTEREVERYDAY at checkout.

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